Explosive Arrows

Have you ever wanted to detonate your arrows? Have you ever wanted to shoot tnt right out of your bow, or your crossbow? This pack gives you exactly that! You shoot an arrow, loads of tnt follow it and wherever it lands (or whenever the tnt explodes) it will destroy most of that area (just regular tnt except it’s if you shoot bows)

Things written in bold are to be read since well you might end up breaking the entire pack.


The information here must not be ignored, if you ignore it, the pack will break down on you and you won’t be able to use it properly.

Make sure you shoot full shots otherwise due to entity bugs, the tnt could detonate on you, this is best experienced with a crossbow.

Make sure you shoot only one shot at once when the tnt detonates, you can shoot again, otherwise, the 2 shots will break down.

Below is a guide on how to set this up

Advantages and Disadvantages of bows and crossbows to use with this function pack.


  • Bows will take less time to shoot.
  • Disadvantage: bows have a power system so you may get the entities to glitch if you don’t fire at full power.


  • Take longer time to shoot (disadvantage)
  • Entities cannot glitch

This function pack when you shoot an arrow, it summons a tnt and the command block you’ve set up with the /function e-start command will automatically do everything, including create itself a tickingarea so that it works everywhere in the world, sets up command block output to be false to not flood chat for ops. When you shoot an arrow, TNT will summon it and the TNT will follow the arrow wherever it goes until the TNT detonates. The TNT however isn’t your average TNT as it sometimes spawns in extra tnt blocks and deals more explosion damage (bigger radius) than regular tnt.


Do not complain about adfly in the comments, your comment will do nothing, it does not effect us and it makes us no money anyway, it’s mostly to protect our work from automatic websites or apps.

You should firstly understand that a function pack is just a shortcut for a minecraft command script, and this is making it convenient, and easy for people who don’t know how it works. 

DO NOT GO in the comments and steal the content, or idea, of this and advertise it here, like Coptaine did.

Join our discord server for ANY questions at all, including command questions not related to this pack.

Changelog View more

Due to some people advertising in the comments, saying “Oh I can do this with commands dm me on twitter”, I decided that it’s best to tell them to not advertise in this way, and there were some people who said “This can be done with commands”, those people also did not understand what a function pack is (even though some are creators) therefore I put a brief description of it at the description in bold.


  1. Download the file (ignoring all ads).
  2. Open with Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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3.4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. r4isen1920 says:

    It’s a nice concept, and an add-on as well! Great work, keep it up!

  2. Guest-3662231863 says:

    This is very mediocre. I recreated this for myself in 10 minutes.

  3. Who installs this i can make it with command blocks

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