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Published on March 06, 2015 (Updated on March 06, 2015)

Explosive Bombs Mod

Do you like experimenting with TNT? Then you will most likely enjoy this mod because it adds C4s which is a modern and more realistic way to make things explode. There are two variants of the C4. One which is time based and the other which can be controlled by using a controller.

Creator: Krim4918

Timer C4 (ID: 500)

The Timer C4 (crafted with 2 iron ingots, 4 TNTs, 1 clock) will automatically be timed at exploding in one minute after it has been placed.

Make sure to stand back a little because the explosion is quite huge.

Once the timer has reached zero the explosion will take place and explode everything in a 10-15 block radius.

Remote C4 (ID: 501)

The Remote C4 (crafted with 2 iron ingots, 4 TNTs, 1 redstone) once placed down can be detonated whenever you want with the help of a C4 Controller. The controller you will automatically get as soon as you've placed down the Remote C4.

Land Mines (IDs: 407-422) & Mine Scanner (ID: 423)

In total there are 15 different land mines which can be crafted with 1 redstone and 1 TNT. Each land mine is designed to fit in a specific biome texture wise. Down below you can see a Land Mine [Sand] planted on the ground in a sand biome.

The Mine Scanner (ID: 423) can be used to defuse and obtain a planted land mine. Simply tap on the land mine which you want to defuse and then collect it.


  • /reset all - resets all active C4s
  • /reset TC4 - resets all active timed C4s
  • /reset RC4 - resets all active remote C4s

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Timer C4 [1:00] (ID: 500) - 2 iron ingots + 4 TNTs + 1 clock
  • Remote C4 (ID: 501) - 2 iron ingots + 4 TNTs + 1 redstone
  • C4 Controller (ID: 502)
  • Land Mines (IDs: 407-422) - 1 redstone + 1 TNT
  • Mine Scanner (ID: 423) - 1 redstone + 1 iron ingot

It said failed to import
For the c4 I was expecting that you can defuse the c4,would really help in my map I’m making
I know this mod but i like it because i can destroy my friend building
Do i need a texture pack? It looks weird
Yeah, a texture pack is included I think.
The download is a .zip, but it always fails to extract...plz fix
Search for "Cheetah File Manager" on Google Play and you'll find a great file manager that I'm using and personally got no problems with ever.