ExtendedCraft 2

ExtendedCraft 2 is the second version of ExtendedCraft by the well known MCPE modder DAW330073. Using it you can for example create a power generator and lots of other cool stuff.


  • Options in main menu (enable/disable automatic updates for the mod)
  • GUI files (needs manual download)
  • ExtendedCraft Guide
  • Water source block
  • Power System completely rewamped. Now with a power bar showing its power etc
  • News things such as Battery box, wires, solar panel and power meter
  • Moon travel
  • And more!

A full list of the new blocks and item IDs can be found further down.

Creator: DAW330073



Create a moon rocket structured as the one you see below in the first image and travel to the moon.


Block & Item IDs

  • Rubber Wood – 23
  • Copper ore – 28
  • Copper Ingot – 326
  • Rubber – 327
  • Plastic – 335
  • Guide – 322
  • Rubber Leaves – 25
  • Rubber Sapling – 55
  • Machine Block – 29
  • Wire – 33
  • Solar Panel – 34
  • Battery – 343
  • Battery Box – 36
  • Power Meter – 342
  • Grinder – 69
  • Iron Dust – 346
  • Gold Dust – 349
  • Copper Dust – 64
  • Item Pipe – 182
  • Extraction item pipe – 181
  • Electric Furnace – 72
  • Barrel – 180
  • Extractor – 75
  • Farmer – 184


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62 Responses

3.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. kd gamer says:

    can u make it windows 10 it looks like you put a lot of work into it

  2. reaper says:

    can you make it for windows 10

  3. Thanh says:

    Please don’t make it zip and make it download like addon

  4. Sawyer says:

    How Do I Download This On Windows 10?

  5. I Dont Know says:

    The link is broken it says

    “Oops,Something went wrong.”

  6. grovfjord says:

    which version of mcpe is this mod for?

  7. Reporter says:

    Still broken it says this website is not available right now PLEASE FIX THIS RIGHT AWAY!

  8. Cameron Wood says:

    Can some one help me with the rocket I dont know how to build the bottom inside part is it gold or iron and what is the top block plus how do I launch it if you can help me with that thanks so much

  9. EfestoMV says:

    When I use the mod, blocklauncher crash.

  10. souna says:

    please can you help me.Whenever i select the EC 2 texture pack my mcpe crashes.BTW i have mcpe version 0.11.1.I wish you could help cause am trying to buld the tekit mod pack

  11. stampylongcat57 says:

    The link keeps taking me to drop box I need help

  12. Liam says:

    How do you make a cobblestone generator ps thank you

  13. Michel says:

    *lots of code*

  14. Manuel says:

    The extraction item pipe doesnt work by me

  15. liam says:

    How do you set up th farm piz help me

  16. liam says:

    Have you got a j.s texture pack can’t download zip file it is for block launcher.

  17. luke says:

    What is the block on top of the rocket

  18. MinerGirl98 says:

    Hi how do you add GUI?? I don’t know how to work this mod. Plz help me.

  19. Kanyah Foster says:

    Can you add another pic of the rocket I’m not sure how to make it start 🙁

  20. Danny says:

    I love the mod exept the the extraction item pipe glitches out, when placed and its not connected to item pipes and a chest it will come up with a promt saying something about an error, then I would have to reenable the mod and redownload the gui, it’d be great if it got fixed

  21. Taizgaming says:

    Hello, I’m quite interested in doing a mod review on your mod, and add it to the mods I’ll use during my nodded survival. However, when I click the farm, I get spammed with messages, and its an empty blue box, and It doesn’t even farm. I have a soar panel hooked to it, and I believe I require the GUI files, I don’t think your mod is allowing me to obtain all of them, as in the folder “EC2” I see 6, so if you could provide me the missing files or instructions on how to fix this problem, that would be great! – Thanks in advance, Taiz.

  22. OptiCraft says:

    Need Dropbox other links don’t work

  23. OptiCraft says:

    Hi! I was wondering how to use the quarry. It says “Ore Processing” on the forum page but I couldn’t figure anything out! I also saw a video that had a quarry and all the guy had was ExtendedCraft! Plz haaaaaaaaalp!!!!!!!!!l

  24. Roberto Jose Brito Echeverria says:

    I cant go to the moon

  25. seriously says:

    Thanks alot

  26. seriously says:

    Happy new year can’t wait till next update

  27. seriously says:

    Where are the other item ids like item pipe and barrell. I NEED THEM

  28. Niels says:

    The GUI doesn’t load so when I tap it craches :/ I love(ed) the rest if it!

  29. d says:

    What about the electric furnace

  30. Matteo says:

    Mediafire doesn’t go with my phone please add dropbox

  31. miller says:

    Adfly doesn’t work for me 🙁

  32. Lus Sanchez says:

    This is an awesome mod but the new version v.9 doesnt show up on weebly

  33. daddo says:

    Can I have a list with ID’s of the new blocks?

  34. LordNuttyCooko says:

    Texture pack link broken :/

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