ExtendedCraft Auto Farms: Barrels, Pipes & Cobblestone Generators

ExtendedCraft is looked upon as an extension mod of Minecraft. Basically what it does is adding new features to the game continuously as it’s being developed by it’s creator DAW330073. Down below you will find a complete list of all the features currently implemented into the mod.

Auto Farm

  • 7 x 7 farming area
  • Put 1 block of water in the middle
  • Below the water block you should put Farmer block (Carrot farmer, Wheat farmer)
  • Place a chest next to Farmer block (any side but not the top)
  • Place the seeds in a chest. Then the Farmer will place the seeds on the farmland and once its grown break and be put in the chest
  • Incase it doesn’t work, tap on it

Cobblestone Generator

  • Must have lava and water source nearby
  • Auto extracts to the closest chest, barrel or furnace.
  • Don’t need extration item pipe
  • Incase it doesn’t work, tap on it.


  • The pipes will search for closest chest or choose one randomly
  • 2 kinds of pipes: Extration Item Pipe & Item Pipe
  • Put Extration Pipe next to the chest from which you want items to be extracted
  • Make a path using item pipes to chests
  • Incase it doesn’t work, tap on it


  • Place it on the ground and it should be ready
  • To be able to put items in a barrel simply tap the item on sign
  • If you want to take items from the barrel tap it with some other item


Go here instead and download ExtendedCraft 2 instead!

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  1. Brian Keith Burkett says:

    Does it work for windows 10

  2. TheCat16 says:

    none of these extendedcraft things work… or at least for win 10.

  3. joey says:

    why does the download button not work?

  4. uknow says:

    Not found to donwload

  5. Nix says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  6. Budy8760_Gaming says:

    I cant eavin downlode it.

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