Extra Tnt Addon

Have you ever wanted have more tnt stronger tnt? Well this addon has that gives you 51 tnts plus grenades replacing ender pearls, molotov replacing snowballs and explosive arrows replacing arrows. 

The tnts we have are (by the way the tnt in middle is look of some tnts) 

– X2 Tnt

– X3 Tnt

– X4 Tnt

-X5 Tnt

-X6 Tnt

– X7 Tnt

– X8 Tnt

– X9 Tnt

– X10 Tnt

– X11 Tnt

– X12 Tnt

– X13 Tnt

– X14 Tnt

– X15 Tnt

– X20 Tnt

(Don’t Have Screenshot For This Tnt) 

– X30 Tnt

– X40 Tnt

– X50 Tnt

– X55 Tnt

– X60 Tnt

– X65 Tnt

– X70 Tnt

– X75 Tnt

– X80 Tnt

– Fire Tnt (X1) 

– X2 Fire Tnt

– X3 Fire Tnt

– X4 Fire Tnt

– X5 Fire Tnt

– X6 Fire Tnt

– X7 Fire Tnt

– X8 Fire Tnt 

– X9 Fire Tnt

– X10 Fire Tnt

– X11 Fire Tnt

– X12 Fire Tnt

– X13 Fire Tnt

– X14 Fire Tnt

– X15 Fire Tnt

– X20 Fire Tnt

– X30 Fire Tnt

– X40 Fire Tnt

– X50 Fire Tnt

– X55 Fire Tnt

– X60 Fire Tnt

– X65 Fire Tnt

– X70 Fire Tnt

– X75 Fire Tnt

– X80 Fire Tnt

And There Is

– Nuke Tnt

– Fire Nuke Tnt

(Don’t Have Screenshot This Tnt) 

These nuke tnts are very laggy but eventually load as its exploding a massive mass. The fire nuke tnt is most laggy as explodes massive mass and spreads massive mass. 

Changelog View more


- There Is Now A Video Show How To Use The Addon

- Now Supports


- It Now Supports 1.12

- There's Now Extra Tnt Addon Download! 


- Added More Tnt Again

- Changed Featured Image

- Now Works For 1.13 Version


- Added More Fire Tnt And More Normal Tnt

- Made It Easier Download Addon


- Added Nuke Tnt And Fire Tnt

- Added More Tnts And Fire Tnt

- Added Explosive Arrow


Let You Know! 



Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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19 Responses

4.71 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. User-4129487191 says:

    blows up but doesnt destroy anything

  2. User-8806296184 says:

    When I ignited the nuke my Minecraft crashed

  3. User-4394237649 says:


  4. User-9366943934 says:

    Hey, I’ve seen an addon with a mushroom cloud and another with a missile that you could set a launch target to, Do you think you can make a nuke with a targeted missile, long lasting mushroom cloud, long term effects on the environment mimicking radiation?

  5. Manuel says:

    Very good mod

  6. Playzdew says:

    Can you make it so there is a behavior and resource pack download instead of a Mcaddon?

  7. Roulette says:

    Can you make a TSAR Bomba in the next future update? Oh and maybe a Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Oh and here are some 5 stars

  8. null_eqn says:

    Can it be crafted by survive?

  9. jojo reference says:

    very good addon 🙂 can you add something like killer queens 1st bomb from JJBA?
    like its with a button item and you can detonate from far away

  10. Trager1314 says:

    Did you use Minecraft Addons Maker In Android

  11. Trager1314 says:

    Do you have mushroom cloud that explodes

  12. Felon says:

    It very coooooool

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