Extraboots Mod

The Extraboots Mod adds 7 new boots to the game which when worn will add some type of special effect. Turn water into ice, get immune to fire and launch up into the air like a rocket are some of the abilities for the boots. All of the boots are quite difficult to craft it makes them feel balanced and not overpowered.

Creator: SphinxyPE, Twitter Account

All crafting recipes can be found further down on this page!

Rocket Boots (ID: 600): Launch up into the air like a rocket and leave a trail of fire and smoke behind you. (Basically it enables flying in survival mode.)


Rabbit Boots (ID: 601): Boost your jumping abilities and be able to jump five blocks high. They add quite a bit of armor which causes you to take less fall damage.


Slimy Boots (ID: 602): These slimy boots will have a similar effect as the slime blocks. We really gave them a good try but couldn’t find any incredible use for them. But perhaps you’ll think of something! They aren’t green, so that’s a slight disappointment.


Magma Boots (ID: 604): The magma boots will drastically increase your speed.


Fish Boots (ID: 605): Get immune to fire. The heat of the fire will no longer affect or consume you. Walking will leave a trail of fire behind you.


Saitama’s Boots (ID: 606): Water obstacles is no longer an issue. All water underneath your feet will be freeze to ice.


Speed Boots (ID: 603): These are supposed to give you extra speed. However, currently it appears as if they are bugged and doesn’t give any effect at all. Hopefully this will be fixed in the upcoming future.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Customable Boots (700) – 8 crafting tables + 1 diamond boots
  • Rocket Boots (600)  – 1 customable boots + 3 flint and steel + 1 anvil + 2 iron ingots
  • Rabbit Boots (601) – 1 customable boots + 7 rabbit foot + 1 anvil
  • Slimy Boots (602) – 1 customable boots + 7 slimeballs + 1 anvil
  • Speed Boots (603) – 1 customable boots + 4 gunpowders + 4 feathers
  • Magma Boots (604) – 1 customable boots + 2 netherrack + 2 obsidians + 3 lava buckets + 1 anvil
  • Fish Boots (605) – 1 customable boots + 3 ice blocks + 4 water buckets + 1 anvil
  • Saitama’s Boots (606) – 1 rocket boots + 1 rabbit boots + 1 slimy boots + 1 speed boots + 1 magma boots + 1 fish boots + 2 iron ingots + 1 anvil

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  1. Guest-3082131073 says:

    when i click download, it brings me to a fishy website that tries to download extensions. this mod looks like fun, is there a way to download another way?

  2. Trainguu says:

    Cant install it anymore

  3. TiandaMCgamer says:

    I also want to suggest the boots that lets you step in the air like there is a border block below you

  4. TiandaMCgamer says:

    If i were the creator i would put a gravity boot in which you could adjust gravity and the normal was 600. And the ingridients are redstone,diamond boots,nether star, and a compass. This is howmyou craft it put the boots on the mid 1 redstone per corner, nether star up and down the mid row horizontal and compass left and right the verticak middle row. I used compass for control of gravity beacause it looks like a pressure gauge im filipino i dont do english often thanks

  5. Kerry says:


  6. Pop says:

    Can it go pocket edition?

  7. TheModder says:

    Please make this for iOS editor

  8. Joke says:

    Is this compatibke with 0.15.2?

  9. JustARandomGuy says:

    Slime boots can save you from dying because of fall damage. Use it when you plan to land while flying with the rocket boots. Just switch them andand let your self fall. Not doing so will cause fall damage because of the speed while flying which will hurt you quite good.

  10. Saiyan004 says:

    The mod got scrambled up haha , I think fish boots was supposed to be the ice thing and speed boots supposed effects is the magma boots’ effects and saitama… hmm… all boots’ effects combined?

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