Extreme Herobrine 3

Extreme Herobrine 3 is the third mod in a series of Herobrine related mods. Herobrine is a scary character invented by the community. Even though it’s by now a known fact that Herobrine has never been a part of the game he still brings mystery to Minecraft and have become a wildely popular icon of the game.

Creator: BagasMC

Where can I find Herobrine?

The mod works in a way so that Herobrine can show up anywhere at any time. If you stumble upon a sign in the game which you know you haven’t put there then you can be sure that Herobrine has. As soon you get close to him the screen will begin to shake to give you a scary feeling.

It’s definitely a great mod which makes surviving in Minecraft PE harder and more scary.

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extreme1 extreme2 extreme3 download(

Special Install Note: To install this mod copy the url above. Open the BlockLauncher app and choose Manage ModPE Scripts > Import > Web address. Paste the url in there to load the mod.

Second Note: It also works to download the mod by [download label=”clicking here”][/download] and then import it as an ordinary .js mod file. Make sure to have an Internet connection while playing with the mod on.

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38 Responses

  1. SeranaXx says:

    Please make this work for Xbox Bedrock D:

  2. Dont ask says:

    Umm how can I spawn herobrine?

  3. HEROBRINE says:

    Uhh! It’s doesn’t fair! Why all people copying me?

  4. spysam3214 says:

    How do I download it on ios

  5. Cj says:

    When. I extract. The file I’m the ES file. Explorer it said bad zip file need help pls

  6. Brendan says:

    Does this work for IOS or just Android?

  7. oracle says:

    cool maybe in next update we will get herobrine weapon if we kill him

  8. oracle says:

    i have a little question Mr editor how do i kill herobrine ? he destroy my castle i want to get my revenge

  9. genesis says:

    The mod is awsome even I tried to sleep at night he explode my bed I want to be your fan four modi love you now than tom bailey

  10. enderman says:

    Hi guys I don’t have mine craft pe how can I buy it?


    how do he use explosion when its going to day.


    Do i wrote in the sign ”it’s me”?

  13. master says:

    I do click here on second note and it just turned black and does nothing

  14. master says:

    I won’t let me download this is the error

    **lots of code edited out by Editor**

    • Editor says:

      Read the “Second Note” in the bottom of the post to understand the second option how to install it. I think that’ll work better for you. Let me know if you need more help.

  15. mitch says:

    I copied and pasted the URL and still says failed to import patch. Why should I do?

  16. BagasMC says:

    Hello, Admin.

    May i help you answer the questions?

    QnA time!

    Q : I cant install it, it keeps giving me error..
    A : That means we are updating it, dont worry, wait some mins and you are able to install and play it

    Q : I cant find herobrine
    A : He only spawns at night, leaving a sign with the word “ITS ME”, keep searching.

    Thats all for today. See you!

  17. 303 says:

    How come I cant install this mod? I copied the code and pasted it on blocklauncher import mods through website But it keeps givng me error

  18. LOL NO ME says:

    The sign saids “Its me” Reference in Five nights at freddys at freddy fazbears quotes

  19. juliano says:

    installed the mod in blocklauncher and no see herobrine

  20. andrew says:

    Well good not that good

  21. heroblover says:

    It just shows me code

  22. Riley says:

    I love minecraft

  23. Justin says:


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