Extreme Render Distance

The original maximum render distance in Minecraft Pocket Edition is 128 blocks. This mod allows you to exceed that limit and set the render distance to 175 blocks!

The creator of the mod, _Sin0psysS_, have thoroughly tested many different distances and discovered that the 175 limit is as far it’s possible to go. Going any higher like 256 and 512 chunks causes an extreme lag or even crashes.

Use with with care. If you know you are using an old device for Minecraft PE then perhaps this mod isn’t going to work very smoothly for you. However, if you have a newer device then the mod will be very useful!

175 Block Render Distance Test

Experimental 512 Block Render Distance Test


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7 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This look great ima download it

  2. TheKillerbro466 says:

    Use documents or MCPE Addons and import the zip file to one of them i prefer mcpe Addons bucause it imports and it turns it into a .mcpack by itself butit has to be .zip to be able to import it

  3. Normy Haddad (@GarunixReborn) says:

    download this on a computer and follow the tutorial from there

  4. arian says:

    this is awoseme

  5. Ham says:

    I have I pad. How am I supposed to sort out a zip file!!!!!!!!!!! Do what all the others have done.

  6. JukeBoxDude says:

    ;-; I don’t like zip.files


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