Ezekia’s Four Corners [Survival Games]

Ezekia’s Four Corners is a survival games map using the theme of Four Corners. Instead of the red, blue, green and yellow however, it uses 4 biomes: desert, mesa, mushroom and taiga!

The map can have up to 4 players (more if you want 2 people in the same starting position). The chests are not random, but they do refill automatically!


The mushroom biome is more like a maze, and has the most chests. There is one mushroom you can climb; the perfect sniping spot. This purple maze-like biome will have you running.


This brown, spruce forest has a lot to offer: a watchtower (also a sniping tower) and a secret tunnel underwater…


The desert biome probably has the least chests; its wide, open space is hard to hide in. It has a well, an underground space and a lot of cacti!


The mesa is like the desert: it has a lot of open space. Although, it has a few lava pits that you can hit players into..

I hope you enjoy my map, any critism is accepted (unless you are just ranting)!

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Changed title so it says '[Survival Games]'. Not really an update, but I'm adding a tag.


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9 Responses

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  1. Skskskskandioop says:

    Does the map Regenerate/Reset? I Need to know before play so I don’t make 1mil copy’s lol

  2. Nobo459 says:


  3. EeeBee says:

    Cool Map, if you want I could maybe make the chests random for you???

  4. M8 says:

    Played this with my friends, it was really fun. Would definitely recommend!

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