F1 Button

This pack add F1 button to your HUD like Minecraft on PC, What does it do? It hides and shows the hud :v but now you can use it for your mobile <3.

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Just click on F1 button in top middle to hide hud

**click on button location to show hud again**

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200

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58 Responses

4.81 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. CyThinK3r says:

    but what if you go to the keyboard and mouse settings and change the toggle perspective control from F5 to F1 using an third party app?

  2. USERACC says:

    To be honest this is cool

    But I want F5 and Q/Z too LMAO

  3. BlueIcezen says:

    Every body want’d F5 And Q button
    Make them!!!!!
    People who want F5 and Q button

  4. MasterPlayz5131 says:

    Can you make addon f5 button?

  5. I was unsure this pack would cause my Invisible Touch Controls texture to stop working, but apparently they work together, great job! 😀

  6. Thank you so much for making this this is really helpful for content creators and making minecraft pe videos more easier

  7. ElMeco320 says:

    Pls do the F5 button

    amazing job!

  8. GuslavG says:

    Hey, could I use your code in my recourse pack? I’m going to give credit by linking this page.

  9. TheLegendGamerZ says:

    Next…F5, Q and more you know

  10. Alexey says:

    Hello mod creator! Can you add the same texture but for to the split control button. I will be very grateful, split control is necessary to destroy blocks in the mine, and pressing is more convenient for construction.

  11. Xelu_Zanoe says:

    I luv this resource pack!•ᴗ•

  12. Xelu_Zanoe says:

    Very useful resource pack for many minecraft gamer’s also me! Hmm…can you add a “Camera/Take a screenshot Button” at next update,im really sure many people wants that too…

  13. MariofanYT says:

    Good but not every mobile player wants f1 but almost everyone wants f5 so can you make F5 please.

  14. BlueIcezen says:

    Do F5 button Please

  15. ShadowSkull764 says:

    Pls add Q like somewhere quick to access on the right side of the screen so we could throw things one by one

  16. Mahmoud_123 says:

    Please ad F5,Q(to front items) all in that same pack

  17. Mahmoud_123 says:

    Can you make FT button?

  18. Leod1012MCPE says:

    Also, can I ask if I can modify this? You said we have to ask perm before modifying, right? So, I’m asking permission, so can I?

  19. Husensurya says:

    Pls make f5 button plsss i need it

  20. George YT says:

    Please make direct link… like add custom link and there willbe link to Mediafire.

  21. altKcruncy says:

    Link not working so dumb

  22. CubePlayer928 says:

    Can you make that you can click the button its transform you to first second third person :))

  23. lolSteeeeve says:

    Nice mod mate! Can you do F5 next? It would be a helpful tool if you’ll make one. Either ways, keep it up! 🙂

  24. Mark24 says:

    Very Nice! Can imagine myself looking back anytime now…

    Also can you make a resource pack that removes the emotes button (not just textures but entirely)

  25. it’s amazing, I love it! keep working like this is luxurious

  26. HgVN23 says:

    Yes!!! If F1 can so another F may can add too! I believe you in next pack 😀

  27. Very useful indeed! I also recommend adding an f5 button (if its possible)

  28. Spyguy10078 says:

    Bro I love it I mean this is very useful for pocket users but please please add F5 👍👌🙏

  29. Leod1012MCPE says:

    This is cool! I wonder if you can add a button that can change perspectives, that will be cooler!

  30. My stepmom says:

    Cool, but add f5 next

  31. Derp Craft says:

    All PE Players Hope! Thanks for making this 😀

  32. is possible to make Q (drop item one by one) and F5 (fast camera change) button?
    if yes, create one i would try it

  33. CrisoforoGames says:

    I will say the same thing that everyone wants, is an f5 button possible?

  34. LaserFont0103 says:

    can you make a pack that adds all the buttons that mobile doesn’t have.

    • ZekeGaming07 says:

      Great pack! If u would mind, can i modify the codes and the textures for my own texture pack( no uploads just personal) because ill try to change the codes into f5 mode. Bht anyways, great pack!

  35. StormEC says:

    I like it but can you do f5(perspective)as well

  36. C-G1314 says:

    Esta Super bueno, me sirve para sacar captura, Excitante 😳👌

  37. Lenoch says:

    Your addon is really good but only on PE because the button also appears on pc :/

  38. redHoodie says:

    This is very useful mate, I suggest to add the button for changing perspectives

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