Fake Diamond Ore Addon

This addon will adds a fake diamond ore to your minecraft. Perfect for trolling other players. It works well even if the player you want to troll not using the vanilla texture pack.

Basically, This fake diamond ore is a camouflaged cobblestone.

In creative mode, you can get it in the inventory (constructions). You can also get it by using “/give @p pa:fake_diamond_ore” command

When a player break the fake diamond ore block, it will drops a normal cobblestone. It is perfect for trolling your friends. Just place this block near them or in their mine and wait.

It works well even if your target using another texture pack.


Supported Minecraft versions


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3 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Guest-4053647832 says:

    Nice addon!

  2. Guest-3697652264 says:

    Very funny btw thx for addon!

  3. Guest-9188683711 says:

    Lol just trolled my friend in survival world
    Thx for cool addon

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