Fake Players Add-on

Do you feel alone in Minecraft? This add-on is for you, it adds two “players” to venture with you, surviving and fighting monsters, so your game will get a lot more fun.

The two “players” that will play with you after installing the add-on will be Alex and Steve, Alex is an archer and always has his bow in hand and Steve who fights using a sword.

Hostilemobs treat them like ordinary players, attack them just as they would attack you.

They have some behaviors that resemble real players:

  • They run away from creepers and raveges
  • Open and close doors
  • Attack some hostile mobs
  • They go inside houses
  • They fight with mobs at night
  • They drink potion
  • Pickup items on the floor

More behaviors will be added in the future such as taming animals.

And also you can trade with them using emeralds, but it is still limited to the same features as the wandering trader.


Turn into zombies when killed by zombies and husks.

It’s hard for a zombie to kill one of them, but it’s not impossible

Healing the fake friend:

  • You can cure a zombie using a weakness potion and a golden apple (like zombie villager)


  • Use the eggs in the inventory to spawn, they are also spawn naturally in some biomes.

How to tame:

  • You can tame using a gold nugget or an iron nugget

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Changelog View more

What's new:

  • Added the behavior: pickup armor on the floor and dressing (if he doesn't have the armor on)
  • Updated compatibility with version 0.16

What's New:

  • Added stand and sit button
  • Removed trade
  • Removed trading behavior
  • Added the chance to spawn with armor again
  • Decreased spawn chance
  • Added compatibility with new versions
  • New video showing how to pass the ad
  • Fixed invisible weaponry

Now spawn with full armor chances

Added new foods for eating behavior:

  • Potato
  • Carrot
  • Bread
  • porkchop cooked
  • Mutton cooked
  • Baked potato
  • Cooked rabbit
  • Cooked chicken
  • Decreased spawn chance
  • Model improvements for those who wear their own skins
  • Added eating behavior
  • Added pickup behavior
  • No longer needs to be tamed to use potion
  • Spawn decreased by 50%
  • Healing system: Now you heal a normal zombie (adult only) or a alex zombie
  • Added spawn egg for alex zombie
  • Added natural spawn for alex zombie

Now turn into zombies when killed by zombies and husks, only when not tamed

Fixed Alex texture bug,

More features will be added in the future.

  • 50% reduced Spawn
  • Neutral, attacks if attacked when not tamed
  • Ability to drink healing potion after a battle
  • Steve now attacks with one hand
  • Alex holds the bow more realistically

Adding fruits and vegetables to the food list:

  • Speckled Melon
  • Melon
  • Apple
  • Golden Apple
  • Enchanted apple
  • Potato
  • Baked Potato
  • Golden Carrot
  • Carrot
  • Now you can feed them to recover life
  • Whenthey are tamed they will equip a random item and when they enter battles they will equip armament automatically
  • Added sounds, same sounds of villagers

At the request of users it is now possible to tame, and now the name will always be visible, as if it were really another player (you should use a nametag for this, work with any name)



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16

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204 Responses

3.44 / 5 (81 vote)
  1. BeeAltaria says:

    Maybe add differents varieties of alex and steve skins?

  2. cooltheme says:

    This is a nice addon. But Steve egg is not inside the inventory. Can you add inside?

  3. ice nation123 says:

    Can you make a version of this addon where they come after you? I was thinking of video ideas and this one came to mind.

  4. VileGhoul says:

    Thank you so much!!! I looked everywhere for something like this in the form of NPCs villager guards and happy villager what have yous but all of them were either too buggy or the AI acted like he wasn’t paid enough to notice the mob four blocks away. This is perfect. Do you mind if I use this with an add-on of my.own? If not it’s fine. Was going to attempt to edit pillagers and wither skellies to be an opposing army to some reskins of these guys. Combined with more humanoid NPCs. Something less fantasy. Or you could lol. Either way thank you so much!

  5. Guest-2602198356 says:

    I mean mobs such az slimes sholkers and pilliagers

  6. Guest-8565843999 says:

    Pls fix the players are not attacking certain mobs

  7. Guest-3149609824 says:

    How to tame? I can’t tame why? Hard mode

  8. GoldPlays says:

    Please bring back trading, it was a really good feature

  9. GoldPlays says:

    “Alex is an archer and always has his bow in hand”
    HIS bow in hand
    Alex is female

  10. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Why you delete trading?

  11. Guest-9110527145 says:

    If you want the fake players to stop collecting dropped items, remove this code from (f_players_b.mcpack/entities/[FAKE] Alex.json and [FAKE] Steve.json)

    “minecraft:behavior.pickup_items”: {
    “priority”: 11,
    “max_dist”: 5,
    “goal_radius”: 2,
    “speed_multiplier”: 1.0
    Remove this and the players will stop picking up dropped items. You have to start a new world in order to take effect

    Hope it helps

  12. Guest-3125279451 says:

    Can they tame wolves pls

  13. Shade_TW says:

    Can you add it so they can sleep in beds like players at night

  14. Guest-3608317299 says:

    The players no lounger attack certain enimies like slimes shoulders pilligers without me attacking them pls fix this

  15. Guest-1076630967 says:

    This addon has so much potential, just needs some serious few more behavior alterations. Like at least letting us get our stuff back when the pick it up, I’m getting tired of having to race to get my shulkers especially when they follow me everywhere and can’t be told to take a break

  16. Guest-2507899020 says:


    Remove the ()

  17. Guest-8765450641 says:

    Direct link to mediafire please?

  18. Guest-2015428836 says:

    Someone stole your addon

  19. Guest-4627289971 says:

    Pls help when I hit copy to Minecraft it takes me in to Minecraft and it loads up and nothing happens.i am on 1.14.60 can you help

  20. Guest-7516043832 says:

    Well let’s put it this way; I’m rather disappointed. Some easy things you could have done but nope left it unusable. First one. Even in creative, it disables all my mobs movement, 1 leg is stuck on some, and others I can’t feed or do anything. Two, they don’t drop xp. 3, but this isn’t your fault, they are kind of stupid. Picked up armor put it on then took it off. Why? Overall though, it’s three stars because they pick up items, eat, respond, and pick up weapons. They also heal. But other than that cool behavior, there is no reason this earns more than 3 stars, let alone 2.

  21. Guest-7818383861 says:

    Can they stay and follow

  22. Guest-9587779510 says:

    When I hit copy to Minecraft for bp and rp nothing happens when Minecraft opens pls fix

  23. Guest-1353647464 says:

    can youmake them go to bed?

  24. KingLeo000 says:

    Love this

  25. Guest-6852496054 says:

    Can you make it so it doesn’t switch weapon and armor every time it rejenerates health and can you make it so we can give them the weapon and armor we want it to where thank you

  26. stefix1 says:

    OF COURSE a great addon had to be linked to a virus, i cant get past the ad and the “How to get past the ad” button brings me to ANOTHER virus. are you dumb?

  27. Guest-1476943902 says:

    Can you please make it so that we can open their inventories and take and put items? Because I want to play in survival with them but they collect items (which is really cool) and we can’t get them back.Please add this feature

    • Guest-7679281174 says:

      yes! being able to edit their inventories would be so good. Perhaps the untamed ones can trade whilst ignoring items on the ground, and tamed ones can have a manageable inventory (including equipping totems armour weapons etc.)
      really hope the creator actually looks at feedback

  28. Guest-7878794111 says:

    Can you pls bring the old meedifire download links back

  29. Guest-2734207153 says:

    Can you make them use trident And Crossbow?

  30. Guest-9537105436 says:

    Ayrtown there is a guy using you addon and modifyng and the name is joker addon he used you files and is in mcpedl

  31. Guest-1689619453 says:

    I think they should be aloud to pick up items

  32. LZPErikZ says:

    good mod really looks like i’m playing online, but put more things like: they sleep sometimes when we find beds, it would be nice if we could see their inventory like if they have inventory we could see, get or even give some items.

    plus the mod is awesome, mainly we can play with the files and change their skin so I can download the skin of a friend of mine and put it on steve and pretend he’s playing with me

    [it was a great excuse and i’m from brazil, so i’m using google translator so some words may be wrong]

  33. Guest-9456765708 says:

    Please make this into a Skyrim companion mod for MCBE XD

    • Guest-3136701638 says:

      I don’t know how to comment but I’ll just comment using reply. PLEASE MAKE THEM FIGHT CREEPERS AND RAVAGERS THEY HAVE A LOT OF HP I DONT WANT THEM TO BE COWARD.
      HAHAAHA btw it nice though I just don’t like they run away from the creepers and ravagers

  34. Guest-6420273687 says:

    It crash sometime

  35. awsome229 says:

    How do you make addons, or resource packs?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Makes the model of mobs broke. Good otherwise, but unusable

  37. anthony says:

    There is a HUGE issue with this pack. After extensive testing I conclude that this pack seems to carry an additional texture pack called “gun texture by chungus” and you cannot see this until you upload it into a realm. Exit out and relog into the world again. The pack seems to cause issues displaying other texture packs and cannot be removed unless you remove this entire mod.

  38. King t says:

    Guys guys if you want the media fire just download one at play store is the best

  39. mr guy says:

    my pet Steve is eating rotten flesh sir and he is going to die

  40. Carlos says:

    Tú complemento no me funciona son invisible s no los veo

  41. V. I. R. U. S says:

    Extension is a virus, steals all passwords. Mediafire save us!

  42. KyleParsons says:

    I want the add-on it sounds so cool

  43. JBuster says:

    It doesn’t work

  44. bigwonk says:

    There is something wrong with the model of the mobs,there other leg is not moving

  45. Steve says:

    What entity do they replace???? please reply

  46. Anonymous says:

    Can you make them climb laters?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Mediafire save us plzzz?????

  48. Its'Plaz says:

    So i was trying to go to mediafire so i could find a link for my youtube video then i found this so i downloded the addon and i never uploaded the video xD

  49. Anonymous says:

    when i clicked the link i got a pop up that i got a virus which was obviously fake. But still, dont click the link.

  50. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Add that fake players sleep in beds like villagers and update the add-on to
    Minecraft 1.12 and 1.13

  51. Darez says:


  52. cooltheme says:

    Very nice addon! Hopefully we get new update soon. Keep up the good work!

  53. Ardi says:

    Please add a house for the fake player to make it realistic

  54. ariel says:

    the spawn eggs don’t work I saw nothing tried the /summon command then I saw shadows looked up nothing used /kill drops of them what not real happy :I

  55. BeeAltaria says:

    Can you make them have less hp
    Not spawn as often
    And attack you if you attack them (If they are untamed)

  56. Y says:

    Cool, can you please make something like this but it’s youtubers instead

  57. B says:

    Where can I get the older versions I hate the new one

    • JencebJanx says:

      I hate this update can u make it all diamond armor and diamond sword to steve that will help pvp texture pack showcases videos pls do that pls pls pls do that and also can change the skin thx 🙂

  58. KentMCGamer says:

    Well they are running from creepers and ravagers huh?

    They have bows and swords, better than mine but I killed ravager on a raid, why Alex and Steve is so weird in this addon

    Ah you know its Fake Players Add-On
    But a real player, I say to you, is tough

  59. Watersheep says:

    LOL, for once the website wasnt shady 🙂

  60. Kurt1234 says:

    Plz update it!
    1) You said steve now attack with one hand, but your wrong. They still attack with two hands. (Both hands up like zombies). So plz fix it to 1 hand.
    2) Make them agressive towards us and attack us if we hit them. (When they are not tamed)
    3)Let us have the ability to give them armor.
    4)Make them sleep at night.
    5)Allow them to use shields and block
    6) Make Alex equip crossbow sometimes
    7)Make Them be able to interact with crafting table, Grinder, stonecutter and others.

    Which one you can do and which one you cant?

  61. Unknown says:

    Hey can you make the other behavior that the fake players cannot be tamed?
    Players in real cannot be tamed

  62. Mr pineapples 12315 says:

    1. Make it so sometimes if you hit a player they walk back.
    2. Make it so players can be afk
    3.make it so they can quickly turn there heads enabling them to react to things like structures players from far or blocks
    4. Make it so when a player has a sword they don’t put there hands up and only do so when they hit something
    5.make it so they can open chests mine craft sleep tame animals and break blocks
    6. Make it so they can crouch

  63. SolarLolbit says:

    How to change or giving them armors?

  64. Anonymous says:

    I like this Addons it’s cool but I would like if the Steve had just a iron helmet and iron chest plate

  65. Ulyi says:

    Come on I hate

  66. AJ says:

    1- Decrease the spawning. I spent 1/2 a day messing with weight values and they still spawn at the same rate. Every other chunk I enter, I find them. Make them rare.
    2- Make them attack you if you harm them while untamed. I spent forever editing the behavior files and got nothing out of it.

    I am using Windows 10, Minecraft version 1.11.4.

  67. AM8921 says:

    keeps giving me some random file i dont want… ON BOTH OF THEM. FIX IT NOW.

    • Husky says:

      Hey there. You seem to be a first time mod user or something. What it sounds like is that the random files are the zips. Also you need to not be an annoying and give the mod maker time instead of saying FIX IT NOW. You can say please fix it. They are not forced to do these and do this In their free time to give community fun mods to play. Instead you sound like an annoying 4 year old with no patience. Next time I would recommend not being a nuisance to the mod makers.

    • Reee123 says:

      It’s very rude for you to demand they fix it now, they really don’t have to waste their time making this, and you NEED these so called “random files” for this mod to even function correctly and if you don’t have these your just gonna be even more pissed that the whole mod doesn’t work for you…

      Instead of demanding the creator to fix it you search on youtube

      “How to download mcpe mods on mcpedl”

  68. Kaususss says:

    Where can I see the spawn egg??
    Pls reply

  69. zzestu111 says:

    Can i use this addon for my adventure map?

  70. Jordan says:

    I can’t download the addon it keeps showing a ad called “”

  71. Neo Gamingz @xboxone says:

    Oof it keeps showing me ad site which teleports me to a fake VPN site so I can’t download.

  72. I have fixed the arms on Alex, set the geometry to geometry.humanoid.customSlim. Though I broke Steve’s texture while trying to change it…

  73. George says:

    Help plz 🙁

  74. Noxious34 says:

    Can you make them have less hp
    Not spawn as often
    And attack you if you attack them (If they are untamed)

  75. DaCool33 says:

    i got witch is a virus and i can’t use it

  76. KaiserRedGamer says:

    Well, now you can have “multiplayer”.

  77. Thegirlygamer says:

    I like it its fun to be with them

  78. gengHAr15 says:

    You forced me to hack the Adlfy in order to bypass the “Allow Notifications” check…


  79. Jayden says:

    resource takes me porn. but behavior works

  80. Javson says:

    How to spawn them I try all eggs and there’s nothing I’m using v 1.6.0 please how to spawn them?

  81. 96Guard says:

    Pls allow the player to give them enchanted items.pls

  82. DSMC says:

    Does it work in ?

  83. Yayday is hayday says:

    I can’t find them

  84. Caty Mations says:

    For some reason, this doesn’t work for me.
    They don’t have any texture, the spawn eggs are completely pitch black, with the entire name string. And when you spawn them, they’re completely transparent, I can’t see the,, only their shadows if I look at a specific angle.

    Does anyone know why this is happening?
    (The game did say that the resource pack is missing one or more key features.)

  85. Anonymous says:

    linkdownload error,please fix

  86. Anonymous says:

    you do realize that Alex is a girl not a boi.

  87. Maxil89 says:

    Lo unico malo es que aparece en todos lados

  88. Anonymous says:

    how can you change there armor

  89. reeeeeee says:

    Make em sleep in beds!

  90. tinoth says:

    it poos me on to a unsave web

  91. Anonymous says:

    I what is the spawn egg I can’t find it

  92. Raihan says:

    For those have a problem to download, just press block 5 times and never press allow button.

  93. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    It doesn’t work after I download it. Please help.

  94. ? says:

    I suggest to make them sleep like a ex villager and make their inventory openable

  95. Anonymous says:

    what a scam! Download link doesn’t work

  96. Lucas says:

    They can not open doors, contrary to the description. Well, I’ll give you a suggestion. It would be great if these mobs followed the player the way cats do, rather than simply being “dragged” closer.

  97. SCraft_87 says:

    Nice mod! Make the attack more real like real player and we can talk with them (do it if can)

  98. Angelo says:

    Could you please make them breedable? A great addon

  99. Derpy says:

    Help what egg icant see also them pls help meh

  100. ToxiFize says:

    Can you update it to work for 1.11

  101. Gameguander says:

    Me sale error al importar fake_players pack duplicado puedes arreglarlo

  102. Disappointed says:

    Cant see Stev and Alex

  103. AJ says:

    Can you make them customisable??
    And also for people saying link is broken…Well My solution is just click and click the using mobile) then wait for the redirect to link you to mediafire….Hope this helps

  104. Minecraft Fan says:

    Does not work. Pls fix!

  105. amer says:

    its a scam link don’t download it MCPEDL PLEASE PUT THIS DOWN

  106. Lleyton Weaver says:

    Thank you for making them tamable. Can you also make it so that we can give them armor. It’s not that they are weak, but they would look cooler with it. Thank you for making this addon and keep up the good work.

    • Ragecake203 says:

      U can do that by just putting in /replaceitem @e[r=5] slot.armor.chest 0 diamond_chestplate
      Thats one option but u can give it anything u want.

  107. Player says:

    Bad links. The links want me to click allow to get adware and spyware on my computer. These add-ons look nice, but I would rather not have my computer be infected.

  108. RealImortalPlayz says:

    I download this addon and…….
    Allllllll egggs are notttt working!!
    What eggs they replace addon creator!

  109. Anonymous says:

    It didnt work

  110. Monchy says:

    Scam scareware links

  111. Anonymous says:

    Link isn’t working

  112. TheMCButterfly says:

    Can you make them stand still?

  113. Aatif ahmed says:

    I wish u could re texture them by putting a new texture

  114. Marlen V says:

    How do they followed you or they can’t

  115. James robie says:

    Can they be tamed or follow you if not please add this feature example like you did in on your ender friend addon

  116. Ahh…
    perfect for those who do not have actual friends to play with, like me.

  117. Painfulhail134 says:

    Can you add that name tags always show? And instead of trading maybe you can tame

  118. SvelterVenus102 says:

    This is a great addon. Can you make it where we can put armor on them?

  119. Notch says:

    pls continue to work on this. I’ve een waiting for an addon like this for a while now. Im looking forward to the final version.

  120. Some medeoker player says:

    I can’t trade how do you do that?

  121. Can you please support 1.10? Thank you!

  122. Joseph Khan says:

    Thanks for the addon I helps me out a lot!

  123. Everlasting_Luck says:

    Are they supposed to ride you like a parrot???

  124. Horseface says:

    Do they die, and if so, do they respawn?

  125. RAFF says:

    Is it replaced other mobs?

  126. Anonymous says:

    Link dont work

  127. Zeyad981 says:

    If I use zip and in documents can I enter the mob texture pack so I can change the skin with another skin? Like replacing Alex with a soldier? And remove the armor?

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