748511033: Fake Savanna Biome

This is an extreme hills biome which has all the ingredients which usually makes it a savanna biome. It has all those savanna trees, but the biome painting is greener and in that sense it doesn’t look like normal savanna. This means it’s basically a fake savanna biome posing as a real one. However, it’s probably more likely caused by a bug in the system than by an intelligent pig AI gone rogue in the world.

Found by: MeowKitty

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  1. Amy says:

    This is actually a shattered savanna. What a nice find.

  2. Legoworldplays9 says:

    This is a seed that I love!

  3. VideoGamerBoy18ProYT says:

    this thing looks cool.

    • ToBeOrNotToBe says:

      This is actually a real biome type. It’s a shattered savannah, you can get these in any Minecraft world. They’re really cool!

  4. KupaKar says:

    This reminds me of a time I traveled away from a map and found the normal world gen, and found this! I always thought these were cool! Thanks for adding this seed!

  5. GameJoshX9 says:

    Soooo much better than normal savannah biomes!

  6. ender-fan says:

    I still cant get over it

  7. ender-fan says:

    amazing I love it. I’ve always hated the green the savanna has but this is great!!!

  8. ender-fan says:

    wow I want more seeds like this I love it

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is actually a Shattered Savanna

  10. Oceanhappy says:

    Pls don’t be not the fake one

  11. Jack Keyte says:


  12. ChrisR says:

    O gee awesome

  13. Michael says:

    This is a biome type, not a big or glitch in the coding of the world

  14. Bal Masque says:

    Reminds me of the old beta world generation.

  15. SomeUncoolGuyWithNothingSpecial says:

    I would rather have this as the normal savannah tbh

  16. Hahihka says:

    Wahhhh gaga skali!!

    Translate in english!
    Wowwwww is amazing men

  17. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    That is also used in a file called biome correlation data. I make use of it with my custom terrains to make the grass greener in some areas, and dead looking in others. It is most likely a bug, or a rendering issue as it appears that savanna-orange color when I tried it out.

  18. Oofioisbest says:

    Eh, it’s just terrain. But I like the seed.

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