Fallen Kingdom Map

Fallen Kingdom is a parody of Coldplay’s song Viva la Viva. On YouTube it has got more than 75 million views and it’s an incredible popular song, not only within the Minecraft community but also outside it.

This map is the map used in the music video (linked above) on YouTube. Originally it was made for Minecraft PC but was later ported for Minecraft PE players and it’s the MCPE map you can download below.


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18 Responses

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  1. BeerRoo says:

    Are you using a texture pack in the video or do you have all the fancy graphics turned off? Or was it just made years ago?

  2. Noah says:

    Sorry not hapinen been like a year

  3. Anna says:

    Google sadly blocked it will this be fixed (no pressure)

  4. James Howard says:

    Hi, I tried to download the map. The download is being blocked by Google , says some sort of violation.
    Took me 3 months to find the Minecraft files in my PC, now I figure out it is Windows 10 PE something and now Google is blocking the download, is this for real?

  5. Inara Atiegha says:

    It’s great

  6. (Unknown) says:

    (To someone) yes it is possible but figure it out yourself

  7. Someone says:

    Is it possible we could port this to a .mcworld file?

  8. CaptainSparklez says:

    Guys new update will come soon and new videos will keep coming

  9. Captain Sparklez says:

    This is my best map ever. You guys should try it out.

  10. DragonQueen says:

    Minecraft is the best ever!!!!
    I love 4ever!!!!!!

  11. Rosie says:

    Love it

  12. jmmajaducon says:

    Love It

  13. bitoy says:

    I love minecraft

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