Fallout PE [Survival]

Fallout PE is an open world survival map based on the popular post-apocalyptic Fallout games. The map is set in a world 200 years after a nuclear war which caused much of the world to collapse in some way or another. The environment is a destructible wasteland but with many interesting places to discover.

The map is far from being finished but it provides a nice beginning of what will become a great survival environment for anyone who want to experience something in similarity to the Fallout games.

Creator: Dmitri Shkarupa, Twitter Account

Recommended Rules

  • Don’t climb unrealistically high mountains, basically just stay within realistic limits of the map.
  • It’s an open world environment but keep in mind that parts of the map aren’t finished yet, avoid such areas.
  • Set difficulty to max to experience a more lively world with monsters to fight and/or avoid during the night.

falloutpe4 falloutpe3 falloutpe2 falloutpe7 falloutpe1

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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28 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Blue says:

    One pro tip watch your step while walking there are holes in the ground!

  2. Yo says:

    Can you finish it for iOS Plz

  3. Jake says:

    Can I use the map for video on YouTube! I will put this website in the description and whatever you guys need!

  4. Wilfred Grey says:

    where is the new updated map ?? am v eager and impatient yeah that’s me lmao HMU

  5. 96Wildcards says:

    I tried looking through your twitter for the updated map but i vant find it… Can you post the link for it please still i think this map already is 5 stars lol

  6. Itme says:

    I always climb the unrealisticly high mountains for absolutely no reason at all. Thanks for the tip, but in minecraft I think that death is ok.

  7. ZombieExtermina says:

    Don’t forget to add more to this! I love this map, but think you can add more? Especially since there are command blocks now?

  8. Jack says:

    Please make it the same as the moded one. Please I am a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 3P1CM4N98 says:

    Damnnnn, this is a good map if only it were infinite. 🙁

  10. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    there is an addon for this too, it fits really well, though i recommend putting the hunter weapons addon on top of the falloutcrafter addon because the guns in fallout craft are not really guns. if you do so, at least you get a pistol

  11. RapDino says:

    Can you update it to a mc.world i would lofe to play it

  12. Zero_h says:

    Can you make it MCWORLD?

  13. Basouii Hussain says:

    Hey I know u made a bigger version of this map with mods but can u pls make a vanilla and modded one which is as big as the modded one and all that stuff but vanilla.I play on 15 which it should work but without mods so it crashes.I would really appreciate if you make a vanilla version and update it as much as the modded one pls make one

  14. DigitalJT says:

    What app did you use to edit the whole terrain? Dmitri Shkarupa?

  15. GameRex says:

    Can’t open.

  16. Dantelovesthenether says:

    Why not add the holorifle?

  17. Dantelovesthenether says:

    I love the fallout series and it looks like a map I would play

  18. martin says:

    can the creator of this map make it bigger or more vaults?or try to make a minecraft verison of fallout NV ?

  19. FIzzYBOttLEMAN says:

    it is a really good map plz make bigger!!!!!!

  20. Lawrence says:

    What are the rules to this?

  21. Soul Omen says:

    Is there any social media feed i can follow to get updates on this map? Cause this is really cool 😀

  22. Anna54 says:

    I love Fallout! I love NEGI!!!

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