MEET! Texture pack “FANCY DECOTATIONS” It changes the boring and unnessary Minecraft PE textures to cool dECORATIONS for your home.

What is in it?:

Rubik’s cube – head

TV – wither skeleton skull

  • Clock – Skeleton of a Skull
  • Aquarium – reptile skull
  • French Fries – Zombie Head
  • Reading Table – Enchantment Table
  • Colored boards – some glazed terracotta blocks
  • Fake Lucky Block – Dynamite (TNT)
  • Oven Top – Yellow Carpet
  • Glass with curtains – blue glass

Download now!

Attention! For the first time, minecraft may turn off, but for the second time, this certainly will not happen.


Shalker – TV (animated)

blue shalkerbox – TV stand with shelves

aqua shalkerbox – washbasin

gray shalkerbox – TV stand

blue shalkerbox – bottom of the refrigerator

lime shalkerbox – top of the fridge

Magenta Shalkerbox – toilet

orange shalkerbox – shower

pink shalkerbox – bottom of the shower stall

purple shalkerbox – top of the mailbox

silver shalkerbox – footboard for mailbox

unpainted shalkerbox – kitchen cabinet

white shalkerbox – kitchen cabinet with drawers

yellow shalkerbox – microwave

some paintings – frames (with things)

(some things from previous versions)


Changelog View more

Were added:

(Gif images in description XD)

Colored bookshelf - some glazed terracotta blocks

Computer - Dragon head

Keyboard - brown carpet

references to the greatest mrcrayfish mod creator added. the TV - (skull of the skeleton of the withers) was replaced by the texture of a stereo speaker.


Download textures in mcpack format . In the world settings, in the "texture packs" section, select the downloaded texture and click on "+". Play and enjoy!

Installing version 3 : Download the resource and behavior packs. In the world settings: section resource (behavior) packs: find the downloaded texture (behavior) packs and click on "+" to activate. PLAY AND ENJOY!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.7 1.8 1.9



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8 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    does it work on 1.14? pe

  2. Neurospawn says:

    btw its shulker not shalker

  3. ChrimsionQueen17 says:

    I want for the soul purpose of the amazing exploding lucky blocks :3

  4. FLARXXS says:

    Hey! Wait new version 3 !

  5. Icerboy says:

    Could make it supports version 1.12 and TV and PC pls ! I like it a lot :3

  6. CrazyGaming17 says:

    Cool Bruh!!!

  7. Sebastian says:

    Which apk did you use to make this texture pack?

  8. lexii snow says:

    This is actually really cool!

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