Fantasy Islands (Theme Park) [Creation] [Roller Coaster]

Fantasy Islands is a made-up theme park with over 50 rides & attractions, 4 themed hotels and some great scenery for you to enjoy throughout 7 different & engaging themed areas!

Fantasy Islands is a medium sized theme park with several fun areas worth exploring. Each area is themed around a different topic and they include Roald Dahl, The Lord of the Rings, Castle, Pirates, Tropical  and Horror. It’s really a great mix of everything compressed in one theme park. Some other awesome things checking out are the daily fireworks shows, a hotel with lots of themed rooms and five restaurants.


Changelog View more

Reopened Hobbiton! All rides in the area have been updated!

The full ride list is:

- The Desolation of Smaug: Dragon Chase

- The Mines of Moria

- Mount Doom: The One Ring

- Rivendell Rapids

- Bilbo's Hobbit Hole

- Spider Web

- Firework Leap

- Ended Fantasy Islands' Wonderland 2020

- Continued preparations for Islands of Screams

Started our brand new Christmas event: Fantasy Islands' Wonderland! This event includes park-wide festive theming!

- Opened Kahiti Point Waterpark! This includes 5 new rides!

- Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue with textures not working on some downloads

- Removed Islands  of Screams 2019 (Don't worry, it'll be back next October!)

- Started construction on Kahiti Point

- Bug fixes in Jester and Sauron's Meet & Greet

Stared Islands of Screams 2019! The mazes are:

- Subject 101

- Mineshaft

- The Peregrine

- Jester

- Began preparations for Islands of Screams 2019

- Bug fixes due to changes to minecart friction

- Closed Dahland

- Added Xanerth

- Opened Ascension

- Opened Interstellar

- Opened Crystal Falls Island Tours

- Opened Rampage

- Opened HyperDrive

- Continued closure of Dahland

- Added the Dahland closure commemorative fireworks display

- Full revamp of the hotel

- New hotel restaurant

- New money system

- All rides are now trackless

- New entrance plaza

- Updated Dragonspire Keep

- Rebuilt Mystical Adventure

- Rebuilt Aqueous

- Added The Alchemist’s Tower

- Added the Dragonspire Keep Hotel

- Added The Dragonspire Keep Love Show

- More bug fixes

- Fixed problem with .mcworld not downloading

- Minor bug fixes to Rum Cove

- Reliablility inmprovements

- Added in .mcworld download

- Updated Twisted Curse

- Added Skull Mountain

- Added Sea Splash

- Updated Treasure Hunter

- Updated Rum Cove


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89 Responses

4.43 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. Chahal says:

    This , is the best map ever seen
    Thanks for making this for map creater
    Keep up good work

  2. chinaklp says:

    Can I move it to the Chinese website

  3. Fan says:

    Map imports ok and I can find it in the list, yet when I try to launch IT an error appears ( world was made in newer version etc- I use 1.12).

  4. FunGekkeBruce says:

    Hi can i download also only the resourse pack?

  5. Chris Elliott says:

    The download needs updated please. Dropbox does not do .mcworld anymore. Try mediafire

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Ulysses corporation sound always plays. It ruins the experience

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why are you removing Dahland? That is one of my favorite parts of the theme park. 🙁

  8. Jesus says:

    Download link doesnt work smh

  9. Weallgomadsometimes says:

    This place is so amazing from the well themed rides to the amazing shows! The creators did a amazing job cooperating custom packs, red stone, and command blocks to make a “real life” feeling theme park. 10/10 definitely recommend checking this out

  10. Weallgomadsometimes says:

    This place is so amazing from the well themed rides to the amazing shows! The creators did a amazing job cooperating custom packs, red stone, and command blocks to make a “real life” feeling theme park.

  11. q says:

    can you build universal studios please

  12. Josh says:


  13. Muhammad Andre says:


  14. Josh says:

    Release the Dragonspire Keep Revamp!

  15. Josh says:

    Put the NOW!!

  16. joshua says:

    Wow new update! Playing MCPE.DL put!

  17. Gabby says:

    Why is the .mcworld GONE

  18. Gabby says:

    Why is the .mcworld gine

  19. Josh says:

    I wish there was a remake for Rum Cove.

  20. Josh Dacanay says:

    Pls BlockCoaster add Nyctophobia twilight pls!

  21. MinecraftGaboK says:

    Worst change log ever!!! Those were my favorite rides!!! 😡😡😡 (I still liked it but I took off a star)

  22. ZephPlayz says:

    Dear End_Boy_ When I Was About Going On Riding Areas And Then My GUI Just Disappeared, This Is Just A Bad Glitch

  23. MrCoaster says:

    Great Job my buddy

  24. Demented_Auror says:

    Add Harry Potter

  25. End_Boy_ says:

    This is a theme park that we came up with without inspiration

  26. PotatoGirl says:

    What are your plans for more theme parks? Plus I have some cool ideas you should do!
    Six Flags, Disney World (maybe?), Universal Orlando Studies! That would be so cool!!
    I’m a huge fan of Thorpe and Alton towers! I can’t wait to see more rides and more updates!

  27. JacobPlaysMC says:

    Is This A Inspired Build Of Fantasy World In The Philippines?

  28. Piper Rosen says:

    I tried downloading it and it said import succescful and it’s not on my worlds

  29. Anmol says:

    Where can i find different awesome things. Could you give coordinate its difficult for me to travel. Where can i find a tour guide

  30. Amir says:

    Wow loved the park its kind of like Alton towers my favorite coaster was 13 I mean nycrophobia the only problem was the pirate section all of the park worked fine but when I went to the pirate section my key pad and inventory disipered

  31. Untastes says:

    Feels like that I am at Disneyland. Making updates will be better to make the map more huge with improvements. Its a great map though.

  32. Mia says:

    Realy cool map me and brother enjoyed playing.

  33. Milozee says:

    I’m a huge fan of Roald Dahl, so this map really stood out to me. Nice job.

  34. End_Boy_ says:

    We are hosting a competition for you to have your name on a Christmas present inside the Christmas 2018 update! Whoever posts the most constructive comment or the best YouTube video before November this year will win! There are only 5 presents available, so competition will be close!

  35. Gunpowder987YT says:

    Also will it include the texture pack?

    • Hi,

      No, sorry, the texture pack will not be included, but it is just the standard ‘city’ texture pack by Mojang. I have now finished the X-Sector, and am now going to work on the Towers. I will upload more photos to the folder regularly.

  36. Gunpowder987YT says:

    Wow! Those rides look very slick! I love the detail and effort put into, as of what I see, Oblivion, Rita, and Th13teen! Nice job man!

  37. Gunpowder987YT says:

    Ok. So it wont come out for a while because you have 1 area done and are working on another. Good to know 🙂

  38. Anonymous says:

    The Firework Launch broke. Because i broke it

  39. CatSpace100 says:

    I LOVED YOUR MAP! I really liked “Sandy’s llama go round”, Keep up the Good work 🙂

  40. AGirlHasNoGT says:

    This theme park is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried Thorpe, and it’s okay, but very in my opinion disorganized. I always had a hard time getting around so I started looking for other maps to play, and was SO excited when I saw this. I did have trouble on Rivendal Rappids, the problem with my boat just sitting on the slime blocks before falling back down. But that was pretty much my only complaint. I know my Redstone pretty well (including command blocks) but your displays were so sophisticated is just hurt my brain looking at it (which is a compliment). Is your new map out yet? I would suggest making a Christmas themed roller coaster park, I’m sure that would be a hit. I’m from Texas so it would be AMAZING if you could do a SixFlags theme park (Texas’ amusement park). Thank you so much for your time on building this map and I want to say one more time, it is AMAZING! I hope to see your maps again!

    • Gunpowder987 says:

      AGirlHasNoGT – He is going to make parks such as Cedar Point and Carowinds. Google is your bro if you don’t know what those places are.

      • Hi!

        Sorry – I can’t reply to your other comment for some reason.

        Yes, SW8 is going to be a GCI woodie. A lot of people have slated it already for being a coaster that appeals to families as well as thrillseekers, or for ‘being forceless’. How they can tell this, I don’t know! I think that it looks fun, and the interesting and mysterious theme has got me hooked! It certainly is going to be a fun one to recreate, and perhaps I will get the chance to ride it before I build that area of the park.

    • End_Boy_ says:

      I’m going on a road trip around America next summer, so expect to see some American parks coming out around October 2018!

    • The reason Thorpe is so difficult to find your way around is because it is a recreation. In real life, there are park maps with the rides labelled, but I can’t do this within minecraft. It helps if you have been there, as you can then attempt to navigate it. If I get time (I’m currently working on an Alton Towers recreation) I may do some American theme parks, but the scale of those far surpasses anything I have ever done. Glad you enjoyed my maps – perhaps you could get a picture of a Thorpe Park map online and use that to find your way around.

  41. Dave fall says:

    This was a good map I liked the fireworks and the pirate fight

  42. Anonymous says:

    I blew up the map with tnt lol

  43. Mel says:

    Are you single?

  44. Finn says:

    Great map! It actually let me download it, unlike some other maps on this site!

  45. Daniel says:

    Can there be a bug fix update soon?

  46. Gunpowder987YT says:

    Only Issue I have had is that Nyclophobia (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) has its first door broken since the track doesnt appear, and Riverdell rapids has the first slimeblock not working. Other than that, Awesome map, 5 stars for better than thorpe! Srry I just explained the problems and commented again.

    • Thanks for reporting the bugs! The reason some of the rides in this theme park are better than Thorpe is because this was a creative project whereas Thorpe was a recreation, so the rides were already set. I am already working on another map – Alton Towers.

      • Gunpowder987 says:

        I cant even wait for Alton towers! I have always wanted an Incredible recreation of The Smiler, Nemisis, Galactica, and Oblivion! You also make the best Minecraft Amusement Parks on this Website. Also, Can you try to make any american theme parks like Carowinds (North/South Carolina), Cedarpoint (Ohio), Kings Island (Ohio), and even more. PS: That is just a suggestion, you don’t have to do it.

        • Next summer, I am going around the East coast of America to parks including Ceadr Point and Carowinds, so maybe a recreation will be inspired then (but only if Alton is finished first!)

          • Sorry – Cedar Point!

          • Gunpowder987 says:

            Though I havent been to either one of those parks, Ive heard that Fury 325 and Millenium force are both awesome rides at both parks! I would love to see both in Minecraft! I do wish I can show yo mine through the website, but I pretty much only build Roller coasters and theme parks on Xbox One. Anyway, I am excited to see what maps you make in the future after Alton Towers!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I love this map

  48. Gunpowder987YT says:

    Yay! A park by You that is better than Thorpe! I give you an 11/10, NOT a typo, really 11/10 since it is so awesome! Great RMC (Twisted Curse). Nice Job on this one!

  49. Merisays says:

    This is one of the best maps I’ve ever played! It’s very detailed, the attractions are amazing, and I love everything about it! I don’t understand the command blocks and Redstone that make the shows appear at night, but it’s AWESOME. Great map! A few small issues, though:

    -The “Rivendell Rapids” ride in Hobbington has a small issue- I’m not sure if it’s just for me or what, but he first slimeblock doesn’t work- I was launched into the air, but the boat just sat on the slimeblock platform for a minute before falling. The same system seems to work everywhere else in the ride, though.
    -The “Fireworks Launch” In Hobbington doesn’t work more than once, the minecarts fly off and launch all over the place if you try again, but that’s fine. Overall, this is one of the most awesome, spectacular maps I’ve ever seen! Keep up the good work!

  50. Me says:

    It did not work for me…

  51. DreamBurrito says:

    Woooooooowwwwwwwwwww AMAZING MAP!!!

  52. intellgaming says:

    Nice Map

  53. ItsMeCyclone says:

    First btw good map i really like it

  54. Conor says:

    It’s great

  55. Firewarrior4278 says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    The map did not load there were big chunks missing and not any buildings for anything.

  57. Minecraftdog767 says:

    It’s nice to see a fresh and new theme park for once. It’s a really nice map!

  58. RexDel713 says:

    Cool map

  59. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! Good job dude!

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