World of Arcadia beta 1.0.6

If you like MMORPG games, which can be solo leveling or fighting bosses together with your friends to get rare weapons and following the storyline like in MMORPG as usual, then this is the world you’re looking for!

World of Arcadia

Where you can feel the MMORPG game in your minecraft, and a map created specifically for Third Person Back.

here you can adventure to follow the story line or raise the level to the highest in this map, fight enemies like Elf, Orcs, Dragons, and many other enemies, collect a lot of swords.  being a merchant collecting goods and then selling them on the market, this is some picture of World of Arcadia.

Note: This still second development stage, but this stage is playable, and if you see a warning in resource or behavior it will be okay, I’ll fix it later.

Recommend: Use Third Back Person & FoV 50.00 (for better experience).

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Update WoA beta 1.0.6


  • Trading Port (Complete)
  • Armor Shop (Complete)
  • Weapon Shop (Complete)
  • Enchantments Shop (Complete)


+New Map

  1. Cadlerock Town
  2. Cadlerock Forest
  3. Dark Forest

+New Building

  1. Armor Shop
  2. Weapon Shop
  3. Enchance Shop
  4. Library


  1. New Lobby Design
  2. New Sword (Zombie Slayers, Skeleton Nightmare, War Hammer)
  3. New Level Benefits
  4. New NPC (Summoner Master, Level Master, Arena Master)

Update to 1.0

  1. +Name changed "Fantasy Worlds" to "Arcadia v1.0"
  2. +New Map Design
  3. +New NPC
  4. +New Rare Sword (Zombieslayers, Skeleton Nightmare, War Hammer)
  5. +New Level Benefits

this world only works in mcpe 1.16 (beta).


  1. + "Fantasy Worlds" to "Arcardia v1.0"
  2. + New lobby design
  3. + New NPC "Level Master"
  4. + New NPC "Arena Master"
  5. + New NPC "Summoner Master"

This worlds is using mcpe v1.16(beta).

this is my first time uploading my own world in mcpe.dl, sorry if the world lacks description and photos, I will update later if it breaks 10x downloads


Supported Minecraft versions


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130 Responses

4.76 / 5 (51 vote)
  1. PokadPhone says:

    Gak ngira orang Indonesia buat map juga 😉

  2. ItsmeSky says:

    Mr.Creator please update this i really want to play it but for real i really want to see the guild he he😅😊

  3. Winter_Eclipse15 says:

    What shader did you use on this map?

  4. Guest-7878740035 says:

    how fly

  5. IceBear306 says:

    Previously, I am grateful for all of you who have been patiently waiting for the next version, and also we have a good news and bad news.

    the good news is version 1.0.7 will be released in this week and this version will probably be the last version of Arcadia, (there will be a lot of changes in version 1.0.7) I cannot continue this project due my android touchscreen broken, i can’t touch properly like usual it’s some kinda freezing idk what is called😔 (saya tidak sengaja menjatuhkannya kedalam air 😑)

    the bad news is that some add-on will be removed in the next version, and I am so sorry if the next version does not match your expectation, but maybe you’ll gona like it.👍

    and also if you ask “why the next update is taking so long”, hmm…maybe because I am a human who needs rest and such, and also this project is entirely made using Android with placing block by block so it’s a bit long, but I have tried my best 😆

    just a little information, that I wrote this comment using my friend’s cellphone and also maybe I will upload the next version using his cellphone too, and don’t expect me to reply to all of your comments, I’m so sorry😅

  6. Guest-1238370329 says:

    It would be really cool if you added “FGO Noble Phantasm” Addon in your next update! But, then again, this map is yours, not mine so it’s up to you! ^-^
    Amazing Map btw!

  7. Guest-6696440381 says:

    any possibility of multiplayer?

  8. Guest-3975884557 says:

    Pls, continue the world od Arcadia. This is the best map I ever seen.

  9. Guest-8161713958 says:

    I am so happy this exists!! Im addicted to MMORPG/RPG games! (but is still currently learning about d&d lol) unfortunately I don’t have enough space for these kind of games ever since I got a new phone, so I just watch other people on YouTube play those games, Ofc I don’t finish their videos because of being “Jelly” lmao 😂 But now I don’t have to be! You have no Idea how Happy I was when I saw this!! So, I’d like to say Thank you, and Keep up the excellent work! 👏✨

  10. Guest-8886686824 says:

    I love this so much!! I’ve never played
    something like this on minecraft! I do have 1 problem but, I’ll just ignore it, this world is way too magnificent for me to complain about it right now 🤧👌🍓✨

  11. Guest-7754539718 says:

    Question. How can I convert this to a minecraft world? I tried to put the file in the “minecraftworld” file but had no luck

  12. Guest-1997046488 says:

    this is the best map I’ve played, I’m waitting for next update

  13. GreepyPH says:

    Yo, Can i use your Add-ons? In my Own Map? MCPEDL admin said i need your permission to use your addon.

  14. Guest-6746268080 says:

    Pls make the barrier block 5blocks up or something like that coz i can parkour through the barrier blocks(bad english sorry)

  15. Guest-4330699349 says:

    All I gotta say is that… This is a Masterpiece! So don’t give up on making this and also, have you ever thought of giving a starting Items for the Protagonist or the other one who will come along with them? Like a starting Items like every RPGs would start of

  16. Guest-2081650804 says:

    How can you make the floating islands?

  17. Guest-7503906899 says:

    Is it just me or is it saying that “there is a newer version of this game has saved this level” when you try to join?

  18. Guest-7503906899 says:

    Wait is it just me or is it saying that “there is a newer version of this game has saved this level” when you try to join?

  19. for those of you who want to help me complete this map, you can join my discord, there we can discuss what should be added and improved.

  20. Guest-5316925781 says:

    I like the Map tbh But i got some bugs like My Gui got Glitchy and I cant get out of The Weapons Shop I know your still in the development of the map but please Fix The bugs i mentioned cause the Map is really good

  21. i cant wait for this map!

  22. Guest-4767059719 says:

    I Suggest to Use the ESBE 2G Shader its better the EB Shader promise

  23. Guest-5383070786 says:

    Hey you said you would like some help (well your ncp did) unfortunately i’m unable to get twitter but i would love to help so if you are interested msg me on xbox or xbox app my name is LANDOFMYFATHER. We can talk about stuff over there as i can’t be bothered to type any longer. Cheers m8

    • I’m sorry, I have tried to create an xbox account in the xbox app, but it says, “something wrong with your Microsoft account”, I have tried many times and still can’t, maybe we can discuss through discord or something but not with xbox.

  24. Guest-1429768104 says:

    I think he wants to know, if there’s any addon inside the world files

    Sorry for bad grammar:'(

  25. Guest-7608412518 says:

    sir do this have addon in the mcpack?

  26. Guest-8864009418 says:

    Hey Dude! I really loved your Map, because i’m a huge fan of Mmorpg/RPG games… Btw Where did you download the schematic?

  27. Guest-2132848583 says:

    Hey could you please make this available for windows 10 and versions like 1.14 and 1.15?

  28. Guest-8299000379 says:


  29. OMGItsGhost says:

    How can you make this world? The terrain? Floating island? Is this made of world painter?

    • First im using a blank map template, then 50% using schematic for the building, place (mostly download from other site). and 30% using other creator add-ons (building wands), 20% by me example like inside building, command block system, etc.

      note: this map is 100% i made from android.

  30. Guest-9309179273 says:

    This Is One Of The Greatest Maps Ive Ever Played I Hope That You Keep On Working Because This Is One Of The Best Working MMORPG In Minecraft Ive Ever Played!

  31. Guest-5980697591 says:

    This is really really cool when will u update the map

  32. Guest-1196792891 says:

    I Love THIS MAP I hope this map can get more better :

  33. Guest-3648311412 says:

    Hey dude im also this, i can’t create a server using 1.16.0 beta version of MCPE i can only make using the official release which mean in 1.14.x version of MCPE. I suggest to remove you netherite items and the other so you can play it in 1.14.x . But its up to you, this is only my suggestion.

    • MohammedS says:

      bro i dont think removing nether stuffs will be a good idea.This map will be worst without nether stuffs.we must wait for the dull release amd then make a server.Until that,we have nothing to do.

  34. Guest-1520471364 says:

    This map is awesome its cool than i expected, this map has also a potential in server. I can help you to improve it, im expert at redstone and command block. Just reply and i contact you on twitter.

    • Thank you, the more creators who can help this project, the better it will be, because this project is only made by 1 person, after I finish WoA 1.0.7 I will create a discord server, so that we can more easily discuss what will be improved and updated.

  35. Guest-8034799794 says:

    I love the map and I’m excited for the next update.

  36. Guest-3654860042 says:

    Plz! I want to play this game but I can’t because it keep on saying it cannot be loaded. I pretty sure it is because of the version. Am I missing something or can I still play? Plz tell me.

  37. Guest-3281768578 says:

    This map have a lot of potential. It would be great if you could make some way for us to communicate with you, like making a discord server to give you idea, suggestion and fixing bugs in the map. (I can help you with that).

  38. Guest-3098672177 says:

    How to make your dragon fly? Mine doesn’t fly it just jumps, pls respond back

  39. what shader is being used in pictures? hope someone answer. i really like the shader

  40. Guest-1926658354 says:

    Can you make this available in 1.15 i cant update my minecraft and cant play this map

  41. Guest-6886476449 says:

    Cool map! But at the beginning its unclear how to get the money at the start,but very cool map,i love it!

    • It looks like you’re right but this is better than the first version. You can only go here and there. There is no purpose at all, for the next version, I will try to put a storyline and some guide how to do something in this world, any way thanks for downloading WoA beta 1.0.6

  42. Guest-5275038067 says:

    Its very nice and cool game but how can i get money in the start? Btw im using 1.0.6 version of this game. Hope you reply 🙂

    • Sorry I haven’t explained the guide how to play WoA 1.0.6, so here’s how to play here, you have to get the goods then sell them at the trading port and how to get the goods you can look for berries in the dark forest for the beginning, then collect up to 100 arcaz after that go to the elf territory across the bridge where you will against the elves there you will get a lot more items to sell, the more you sell items the higher your level will go up, after that you can buy better weapons, and if your level is 50 you can fight the queen elf boss.

  43. MohammedS says:

    This map is awesome!I am waiting for the final release.this is just awesome!

  44. Guest-5104818147 says:

    Can you add Staff/Wands in the map. That would be Awesome!

  45. Guest-9038690903 says:

    This map is beautiful and i wanna know what shader is used in it

  46. Guest-9721487818 says:

    Oh god!, THIS MAP IS SICK

  47. Guest-8255142758 says:

    Plz tell me when will u release the next upgrade?

  48. Guest-8434822888 says:

    It looks so awesome! Even though it came out as a map under development it already looks like it has lots of things to look forward too😄 Im really excited for when the complete ver. of this map comes out. You are very talented creator!! 😍

  49. LambDPro says:

    I’m looking forward to the final update, or any other update to this. Keep it up!

  50. Guest-7351197496 says:

    This is so cool no pressure but this is the coolest map in mcpedl looking forward to play it when you get it done

  51. Guest-7331438165 says:

    It says a newer version has come out
    Pls put out new download so it can work, it looks really fun and I would like to try it out

  52. Guest-6754593883 says:

    How do i play this the doors doesn’t open pls make a guide

  53. Guest-3930572651 says:

    This looks amazing. Thank you for putting this together.

  54. Guest-1066504479 says:

    I have problems on getting the equipments on the armor stands

  55. Guest-1406271722 says:

    how do you play?

  56. Guest-3468449810 says:

    Can i play this on 1.14.60 please

  57. Guest-5703024413 says:

    You guys do realize it says 1.16 beta on the tags list, right? Of COURSE it can’t be opened in 1.14, it’s not meant to be!

  58. Guest-2137648258 says:

    Sad, I dont want to download the beta version because my cousins are playing on 1.14

  59. Guys, instead of complaining that it doesn’t work in your version, check the supported game version tag underneath the link before you even install it.

  60. Guest-1685564732 says:

    Doesn’t work on 1.14 or below because it uses nether update stuff

  61. RFVBHU_1 says:

    theres a new version nerd

  62. Guest-6846694201 says:

    I cant open it, it says a newer version of the game has saved this level.

  63. Guest-8269814273 says:


  64. Guest-9395648306 says:

    It cant be open in 1.14

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