Fantasy: Enormous Mountains, A Baby Wolf & More

Here is a seed with an incredible amount of cool features. You’ll find astonishing extreme hills, massive chunks of mountain, epic tunnels, lava pools, rivers and even a baby wolf. As you see the seed include almost every type of cool thing you probably are looking for. Fantasy is (no  exaggerating) probably the most epic seed out there in terms of epicness.

Seed: Fantasy

Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-24-57 Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-42-30 Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-39-18 Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-36-47 Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-36-19 Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-35-41 Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-34-24 Screenshot_2014-07-12-04-28-59

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5 Responses

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  1. Serena says:

    I Don’t find this epic but I do love the baby wolves :3 I’m a fan of wolves but I don’t why u say that it’s the most epic seed you can find but I’m sorry if I’m wrong but it seems normal to me I’m not saying I hate it and that it’s bad it just looks normal

  2. Patrick says:

    You know there is a zombie spawner close to the lava-fall rite?

  3. Katie says:

    You know that you left the spawn wolf in your inventory, and your on creative mode.

    • Editor says:

      This was a submitted seed by somebody else. I am not sure whether it is a wolf actually spawned originally in the game or if was spawned there by her. But she described it as if it was spawned their originally.

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