Published on February 18, 2024 (Updated on March 13, 2024)

Far North addon

This addon brings the icy plains and majestic creatures of the Arctic straight into your Minecraft world. Encounter a variety of new animals, each with unique behaviors and appearances This exciting addition introduces a variety of Arctic animals to the game, transforming your virtual world into a frosty wonderland. Encounter the elusive Arctic fox, majestic Nar whale, wise Snow Owl, graceful Reindeer, and the formidable Walrus, among others.

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New Iceberg Structures Generation

 Discover mysterious icebergs scattered across the frozen oceans. Explore their hidden depths to uncover valuable loot and secrets buried beneath the ice.


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Is this realm compatible?
Whale update: northern right whale,false killer whale(rare)
Snow leopard, Caribou and sika deer:)
Sorry about the caribou it's actually another name for reindeer;)
Hello We are looking to buy out your add-on, are you possibly interested?
Isn't MC already has arctic foxes? I think you better replace your arctic foxes with grey foxes
Hi can I use your addon for my upcoming modpack. . i will properly credit you of course . Ur addon will also be in the trailer. We have almost 30 high quality creators and it would be a game changer if u gave us permission.BTW I will not be making money off this.