Farlands [Creation]

Farlands is not like the ordinary maps you download. In fact is that the entire map is what once was a world generation glitch in one of the earlier versions of Minecraft for PC. Because of its weird but incredibly cool terrain it has gained a lot of traction and was quite soon released as a map for the PC version of Minecraft and later on ported to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The entire map is made out of multiple layers of landscapes packed on top of each other. On the top surface there are also loads of high walls separating areas from one another. If you want to try something different then here is a perfect map!

far1 far2 download

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33 Responses

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  1. Guest-7101072000 says:

    Make a custom world called the Ultra Far lands, but make it so ios editions can play on pls

  2. Guest-2216720174 says:

    can you make it into a .mcworld file?

  3. CravenOdin91697 mcpe says:

    i cant download it and im not even on mobile im on win 10 and on win 10 the farlands dont generate

  4. Hallowed Frost says:

    Can’t even download it.

  5. READ says:

    I’ve seen the far lands in v1.1 and its really glitchy just downgrade to v1.1 and search turtorials/far lands minecraft wiki and see

  6. Cole Taylor says:

    You know you can reach the garlands I’m mcpe, right?

  7. Caden 111111111 says:

    It’s nice

  8. Anonymous says:

    Or u can use /teleport 12550825 60 0

  9. Brian Dickson says:

    So boring when we can use /tp @p 120005000 130 0

  10. flotie says:

    How are you able to create The Farlands?

  11. Brdon says:

    You can’t be the real Dantdm because he changed his name to Dantdm

  12. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download this map

  13. MinecraftEdits says:


  14. TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM says:

    Good map! I reccomend it to everyone!

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