Fast Teleport Mod

The Fast Teleport Mod adds a simple but extremely useful feature which will allow you to teleport with ease. Set up a teleportation block on multiple locations and teleport between them just by tapping on the teleportation object and then choose your location.

Creator: WartaveTwitter Account

How does it work?

Begin by crafting the Teleport item and then place them in at least two different locations.

  • Teleport (900) – 6 redstones + 1 diamond + 2 quartz

In this case I decided to set one teleport on the top of a mountain.


And another in a forest farther away down at the base of the mountain.


Tap on the teleportation block to open the GUI (graphical user interface) and pick one of the locations you want to go to. In this case, I decided to teleport to the forest.



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16 Responses

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  1. Can't download it says:

    Can’t download it, I used Mediafire and then opened it and usually it would start important it to Minecraft Windows 10 but this time I had to get a Windows Store app to open it?
    If you guys know what I could do to fix it, that would be great

    • TVgamerNL says:

      Dude do you know this site? Its for mcpe look at the name MineCraftPocketEditionDownload (MCPEDL) noob

    • Just Helping says:

      This mod is for IOS and Android. How I can tell is the download button. It isn’t a link so you can’t get it on Windows 10, sadly.

  2. Randomm1211 says:

    How do I download I usually download to mcpe but it’s not showing up

  3. The Nintendo switcher says:

    hi idk how to remove it ☹️ Well hope u find out may the odds be ever in your favor 👋🏻 Oh just found out break the block under it

  4. Cklyd says:

    Great mod

  5. CommonBanana147 says:

    can you please add mc pack

  6. Crims0n3nder says:

    How do u destroy it

  7. Eris says:

    is there a way to remove teleporters? I accidentally put 1 down and i cant get it back

  8. Estevam Manzatto Pereira says:

    minecraft is one game cool cool cool my really fun

  9. Nigel Low says:

    Does this work for MCPE Master?

  10. Gabs32123 says:

    Nice mod! I made a mod review about this. I hope you see the video.

    Here is the link pf the video:

  11. Gill says:

    I love it

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