Fauna Bedrock Add-on

Fauna Bedrock will Add new animal models and textures to your minecraft! New Look Cats, Rabbits, Bees, Fox, Parrot, Cows, Chicken, Pig, Wolf and new animals such as Frog, Duck and Ferret!

Welcome to FAUNA Bedrock! This add on aims to retexture and remodel all of the Animal mobs in minecraft as well as adding brand new animals to add life to your world!

Fauna will regularly be updating with new textueres and mobs, I have decided to release phase 1 of the addon.

Whats included so far?

  • New look WOLVES with Different Colour Variants*
  • New look CHICKENS with Different Colour Variants, inluding new baby form.
  • New look FOXES in Red and Arctic form. Try using a nametag on a fox and call him “Nox!”
  • New look COWS  with Different colour Variants.
  • New look PIGS with Different colour Variants
  • New look RABBITS with new Albino Variant
  • New look PARROTS with new Cockatoo Variant.
  • New look CATS with new Russian Blue Variant*
  • New look BEEs, smaller and more bee sized. and they hold buckets of pollen
  • NEW Ferret Mob with White Variant.
  • NEW Frog Mob, including Jungle Colour Variants.
  • NEW Duck Mob with Different colour Variants.

* Note, Wolves and Cats cannot have dyable collars with this mod due to texturing/code conflicts in-game. I will add this feature as soon as its possible.

Coming soon

Garden birds

Sheep retexture 

Llama retexture 

Dolphin retexture

I plan to add all of the minecraft animals, add new colours and add new animals over the next few months so please check back!

please note this addon has been tested and is stable however there may be small animation and texture glitches. please comment on any you may find so i can fix them.



Changelog View more
  • Fixed a few texture bugs 
  • Fixed The icon egg bug
  • Updated description text


Please make sure you have activated both resources and behaviours. If Behaviours are not activated you will not find the new Animals.

New animals are found in the eggs and wild spawn.


Supported Minecraft versions


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50 Responses

4.87 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Galaxy funtime fox says:

    Um why dose it say 1.14 not long ago we got the 1.16 update

  2. Guest-8411479547 says:

    These are amaaaazing! The chickens have some slightly bugged feet though. Not too noticeable unless you get close to them. Sheep definitely deserve a makeover too.

  3. Guest-6982402972 says:

    Good job, resource pack recomended?

  4. Guest-2091562597 says:

    link not woking

  5. Guest-6656662303 says:

    May you please make a 32×32 texture to match this addon? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. Guest-4844312707 says:

    I love it please keep up the work because I enjoyed this and use it when trying to make Minecraft more realistic!!!

  7. Under the sea Ariel the little mermaid says:

    I really do like how the mobs look! Is there any way I can tame a ferret tho? and if so, how do I tame one? Also, the wolf/dog look is really cute, but their sit animation is really weird- like their backs look like they’re breaking? O-o

  8. Guest-2524072757 says:

    cannot find the duck spawn egg, frog and ferret are there, but no duck

  9. Guest-2614195508 says:

    I forgot to leave 5 stars, so, I’ll do it on this comment, I made the suggestions comment btw

  10. Guest-3087444404 says:

    I have a few suggestions!: 1: Fish re-texures. 2: birds!., 3: maybe small insects?. 4: snakes. 5: horse, donkey and mule re-texures. 6: in the future, maybe try to add exotic mobs!, like a camel!. That’s all my suggestions, the addon is really good and I’m really excited for this addons future!.

  11. TheGoodShot says:

    New Textures On Zombie

  12. TheGoodShot says:

    I Have Suggest Mobs Bird

  13. TheGoodShot says:

    Fix Hitting Wolf Flying Tail,so i rate 5 star love it

  14. TheGoodShot says:

    better Villager Pls

  15. Guest-2074453607 says:

    I can’t open the file, when it is imported to mcpe it says it isn’t a valid pack.

  16. Guest-4684733056 says:

    Oh my gosh, this is absolutely beautiful. The lop bunny and siamese cat? I am in love, thank you soo much.

    If you ever went through the challange of improving horses and their tack, that would be a dream, tbh.

  17. Guest-5464286646 says:

    So goooooooooood ignore the “please add-” comments its sooo good!

  18. Guest-1774945328 says:

    Can you made it work with 1.14?? I really LOVE this Addon!!

  19. Guest-5284055645 says:

    Really Cool Addon…Makes me feel that im playing Hytale…btw its better with hd texture packs just remove mobs texture…and add Detailed animation resource pack

  20. Guest-3305509338 says:

    Can you make humanoid villagers as well? That would be beyond awesome

  21. Guest-4877116073 says:

    Pls improve the bee model.

  22. Liliya Olenyeva says:


  23. ClxtchTV says:

    mediafire link pls?

  24. says:

    Super Duper Graphics Pack 😀

  25. TheHouse027 says:

    That’s the best texturing and modeling i have ever seen!!

  26. Guest-4539050449 says:

    Looks like something out of Hytale

  27. Guest-7611243724 says:

    i love it fish?

  28. Guest-6981091988 says:

    Make rhinos pls! 🙂

  29. Khall says:

    Awwwwww i love this, keep going ^_^

  30. Guest-4398053569 says:

    Great addon! Are you going to change the polar bear and horse as well? Also are you planning to change hostile mobs aswell?

  31. Guest-7052940363 says:

    Add komodo dragon 🙂

  32. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Is very sweet! add hamsters! ferrets! and Hedgehogs! please!! 😀

  33. Guest-3256098387 says:

    Dogs needed

  34. Guest-3105577360 says:

    Can you add hampsters

  35. Zantheman says:

    Good but the spawn eggs are black

  36. Guest-7281578263 says:

    Woah,great job it’s so cool

  37. Guest-2922356853 says:

    Can you do horses an/or unicorns/Pegasus/alicorns

  38. Guest-7104194540 says:

    Add isects and animals acuatics please and stranges animals

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