FCPE is a lightweight shader pack with the perfect color settings to make your gaming experience feel better, this is the perfect solution for anyone who has a low mid-range device looking for beautiful shaders that don’t require so many resources 


Waving plants animation 

Water animation (not a blend)

New clouds 

Artificial lights

Shades and color

New sund and moon

New stars

New sky color

Hot nether!! but no so dark (xd) 

Shades and cristaline water 

Do not reupload without permission

When reuploading, credit me and leave a link to this mcpedl post

When reviewing this or putting this in your list video, leave a link to this mcpedl post, NOT the download link

You can use this freely in your videos or screenshots

Changelog View more

All eviroment it's changed ;)

New Minecraft title logo whit FCPE logo

New logo and pack descripción 

All eviroment it's changed :D

If You see some bug please report

New stars sun and moon

not yet windows 10 ;(

New clouds!!

I will be working in the skies, I hope I can bring compatibility for Windows 10 1.16 soon ... maybe in the next update

Now it's all Made for me, in the image You can see and if You look the pack two

I tried to make better bruh 😔👌🏽

I don't know if have any Bug now


Lava and underwater no texture bug 

When You enter the world and textures charge is normal only need a second 

I tried to make better 😔🙏🏾, 

Fox the lava and underwater bug

update the description to see if You can accept it


Supported Minecraft versions


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85 Responses

4.24 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. LanceXDminecraft says:

    Mnt & pubg


  2. Epic AdiGamerBoy says:

    I LOVE THIS SHADER, but can u make it so that u can change in the Pack settings the normal sky and the shader sky, because the new sky is lagging a bit xD but good shader for my ultra low end device xD

  3. Ray E. says:

    Esta actualización me gustó, pero ¿habrá alguna forma de quitar ese destello del sol? prefiero el Vanilla, intenté eliminar “sunmoon,render/vertex” pero el sol y la luna simplemente desaparecen.
    Agradecería mucho si hubiera una forma.

  4. Juan0920 says:

    Hello, the shader is great but it gives me a bit of a lag when seeing the reflection of the sun … you could make a separate file with the normal son, also it looks more like vanilla. Thanks

  5. KhalMika says:

    Sorry for my ignorance. Why doesn’t this work on windows 10? Isn’t it the same engine? (I’m talking from the total and utter ignorance of my own).

    Anyways, I’m giving 5 stars since it looks really amazing and I’ll wait for it to release for windows 10 <3

  6. Rafdioactivo says:

    This shader is AWESOME the quality, the less lag, the effects, the light, are completly incredible, but there are a few problems with the texture of the Nether Brick Block and the Soul Sand, the is a white/green line around the block, so, the fortress and the Soulsand valley looks really weird

  7. Ray R. says:

    Genial amigo, esta actualización si que me encantó, los nuevos cielos y agua llevaron el shader al siguiente nivel, seguiré tu proyecto y saludos nuevamente.

  8. Guest-8700860823 says:

    lol u guys dont know how to use zip?

  9. zeyverOps says:

    Mcpack pls

  10. Guest-5851106071 says:

    Ayuda, todos los bloques son invisibles en mi minecraft:(. Lo probé en un galaxy note 8:(

  11. Guest-8982580532 says:

    esperare a que este en win10 solo porque es el mejor sombreador que haya visto
    Felicidades por esto

  12. Guest-5139592693 says:

    m c p a c k

  13. Guest-2983629277 says:

    Hey amo este shader, es mi favorito pero me preguntaba si.. estara disponible para windows 10?

    • Animartin says:

      Por ahora no cuento con minecraft Windows 10 para trabajar en ello
      Tal vez en futuras actualizaciones si es que puedo comprarlo o y si apoyan el shader mejor trataré de hacer mi mayor esfuerzo para traerlo a Windows 10!

  14. Guest-9672900918 says:

    Hola crack hablame a mi Instagram @soy_.negro

  15. Guest-4756741781 says:

    Hola, ví tu trabajo y me pareció llamativo, hice un edit de tu pack cambiando la saturación, sombras, antorchas, etc. Pero me gustaría saber más, ¿En dónde te puedo contactar? ¿Tienes algún correo?

  16. Guest-8637370978 says:

    This shader looks amazing I know the windows 10 update may be really difficult with the render dragon graphics, but if you’re going through that trouble please consider having it Xbox compatible too they’re both render dragon

  17. Guest-8253426848 says:


  18. Guest-1152940593 says:

    AMAZING SHADERS but … 1.16 plz :33

  19. Yop says:

    Es de los mejores shaders que he visto, te felicito mi pana eres un crack

  20. Guest-2381265587 says:

    Un crack mi pana, una maravilla el shader

  21. YujiON says:

    Hello, so…..
    I made a better version of this texture pack.
    I added real clouds, real sun and moon.
    And IT works for the lățește version of Minecraft(1.16)
    So If the creator is interested i will be very happy to share it with him:)

  22. Ali Dogan says:

    This is a cool shader as i want not laggy but colored cool and awesome thanks for this

  23. Guest-6429962899 says:

    Nice shaders I would love to see a new updated version of this :D, Btw can you fix the bug in nether it looks like wave

  24. Guest-1646092737 says:

    Pls make for 1.16

  25. Guest-3371095689 says:

    Everywhere was just white

    • Guest-2426871510 says:

      then you don’t have a compatible device, or maybe its that you combined 2 resource packs including this one, and another cause is that you may not have a compatible Minecraft version.

  26. Guest-2118609008 says:

    Grass and leaves stop moving when you put a light source near them. Torches move slightly like grass

  27. Hermit says:

    hello Animartin,
    I am HermitMira,I can reprint your SHADER and translate it to China Minecraft Resource platform?
    It’s not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!

  28. Guest-9074147586 says:

    The sky is so blue,could you make a change for it?

    • Animartin says:

      I did not take that photo I took it with the eviroment of the shader, it is very beautiful and it sticks a lot with the shader it is in process something similar I hope to have it soon

  29. Guest-2345438307 says:


  30. Guest-4676661086 says:

    the blocks are invisible on windows 10 1.16 and ive tried both the zip and the mcpack files, also the zip was different, idk if i executed it correctly, help pls.

  31. Octur1s says:

    Unfortunately this does not work on windows 10 – all blocks are invisible. Both the zip and mcpack file only contain GLSL shader files, which unless something has changed in 1.16, windows 10 does not support. Windows 10 only supports HLSL Shader files

  32. Guest-5505213019 says:

    Does it support xbox 1.16

  33. Guest-7646396495 says:

    Pls make it support 1.16

  34. CubeMaster says:

    Does it support Windows 10?

  35. Guest-3240908744 says:

    Does it work on xbx ?

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