Feed the Structure – Unique Survival Game With A Unique Goal

Are you bored of playing casual survival maps? Then maybe you want to play some crazy survival with a unique goal? Then this map is for you.

Feed the Structure is an adventure survival map where you have to collect blocks to feed a certain bedrock structure and save your world from absolute destruction.

Elements of gameplay

The structure spawns mobs and generates structures that can:

– distract you while playing

– destroy your world

– help you collect blocks

– pose a problem to fight them off

– provide you with infinite amount of food, which you don’t need to worry about

– provide valueable blocks such as soul sand, soul soil

Meanwhile, it gives you extra effects and enchants such as:

– effect: speed, enchant: looting

– effect: health boost, enchant: fire aspect

– effect: jump boost, enchant: knockback

– effect: haste, enchant: efficiency

– effect: fire resistance, enchant: fortune

– effect: strength, enchant: infinity


On this map, you play with the rules of a normal survival in minecraft, but you have a unique goal. You need to collect blocks to feed a certain bedrock structure with them to make it explode and leave your world. Feeding the structure with blocks gives you points that determine how much you fed the structure with and the level of the structure. Each level of the structure adds extra effects and enchants to you, apart from the destructive mobs and structures that spawn around the world. To feed the structure with blocks, you need to carry them in your inventory and stand on the command block inside the structure.

Go – through, elements of the game

Structure will increase its level each time you gain 10; 100; 1.000; 10.000; 100.000 and 1.000.000 points, which is the goal(well, I won’t spoil what happens when you reach 1mln, but I promise it’ll be interesting). Each block has its own point value; there are so many of them that I will point just a few:

emerald block: 100.000 points

diamond block: 150.000 points

netherite block: 1.000.000 points

shroomlight: 10.000 points

soul sand, soul soil ~ 2.000 points

gold block, lapis block: 10.000 points

endstone: 15.000 points

end bricks: 60.000 points

obsidian: 5.000 points

crying obsidian: 7.500 points

slime: 20.000 points

prismarine, dark prismarine: 1.500 points

quartz block: 7.500 points

honey block, honeycomb block: 3.500 points

dried kelp block: 5.000 points

magma: 5.000 points

coral block: 10.000 points

ancient debris: 40.000 points

Those are the blocks that you will normally aim at to finish the map quickly. As you see, there are many possible strategies and go-throughs on the way to finish the map. Choose your own playstyle and have fun.


Here are some screenshots from the game(no big spoilers):

This is the starting spawn: it’s a capsule as the adventure part of this map contains context of a map that I might submit in the future – You come back to Earth after you had left it, because there were numerous wars on the planet that put it into crisis. Now you land on Earth hoping to watch its beauty again, but it turns out that you will watch it being massacred by a strange bedrock structure.

Notice that the capsule is made out of wool that you can later use to make e.g. beds.

Terrain around the capsule:

Structure levels

Structure level 1: (1 point)

– spawning chickens over you

– chickens generate 3x3x3 dirt structures

– chickens spawn dragon eggs

– effect: speed

– enchant: looting

Structure level 2: (10 points)

– spawning bees in chickens’ positions

– spawning ocelots in bees’ positions

– generating bee nests in chickens’ positions

– effect: health boost

– enchant: fire aspect

Structure level 3: (100 points)

– generating structures out of dirt and lava in ocelots’ positions

– generating structures out of logs and bee nests in bees’ positions

– spawning pigs in bees’ positions

– effect: jump boost

– enchant: knockback

Structure level 4: (1.000 points)

– spawning creepers in ocelots’ positions

– generating webs in creepers’ positions

– generating structures out of tnt, leaves and dirt in creepers’ positions

– effect: haste

– enchant: efficiency

Structure level 5: (10.000 points)

– spawning evocations illagers in pigs’ positions

– evocation fangs destroy blocks around them(with tile drops)

– generating structures out of soul sand, soul soil, clay and mycelium in pigs’ positions

– effect: fire resistance

– enchant: fortune

Structure level 6: (100.000 points)

– spawning vindicators “Johnny” in chickens’ positions

– summoning tnt in chickens’ positions

– summoning ravagers in pigs’ positions

– effect: strength

– enchant: infinity

Structure level 7: (1.000.000 points)


Destruction caused by the structure:

Here are some photos of the world haunted by this structure:

A few screenshots from the game:

So many pigs and bees

No need to worry about food


If you find this cave, this is a cave where I found 17 diamonds and much more…

These enchants

The secret ending

Game rules

Gamerules set themselves automatically throughout the game, but you can only choose manually the status of gamerules keepinventory and doweathercycle. By default, both are set to true.

Technical difficulties, other necessary information

  • If you quit the range of the structure which includes the range of all sky bedrock structures, the entities and structures will stop to spawn there
  • When you die, your effects will reset. To regain effects(and enchants), you need to come close to the main bedrock structure
  • Structure kills all entities different from a player nearby it. The higher the level of the structure, the bigger the affected area.
  • When you stand on the command block of the main bedrock structure, it will kill all chickens, bees, pigs and ocelots detected
  • The map is multiplayer-friendly; it supports the game for 1 – 2 players.

Authorization laws:

All mods and addons used by this map belong to its rightful owners. Credits are displayed at the end of the map to avoid spoilers.

More detailed information and download link to the map on my page (click the link below to go to that page):

Changelog View more

I spent tens of hours making this map and I would really like it if it appears on the front page(when somebody clicks adventure or survival maps, they should see the map immediately). What can I do to increase the chance that this map will appear on the front page?


- coloured text

- added a download link to the .zip file

- gave more installation details

- added more screenshots

Added the direct download link to the map to this mcpe dl page, which is an link.

Made headers on the end site, made the download link to the map more visible.

Headers, more detailed information, more photos, more descriptions, suggestions, advice


You can both use the direct download links that use to get the .mcworld or .zip file or you can go to my page and download the map there (there will be more detailed information about the map on my blog). 


1) Click on the download link

2) Reach the page (microsoft edge might not support, so you might need to use other browser)

3) Click skip ad in the right top corner

4) Wait until you are redirected to the google drive sharepoint page

5) Download the file by clicking the download icon in the top right corner 

6) Open the file to import the map to minecraft

7) Enjoy the map!


Supported Minecraft versions


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