FeluxisHD RealisticPack

Are you a lover of the realistic and medieval? This texture pack changes everything! An impressive realism updated for MCBE version 1.16, a texture that will leave you speechless. Enjoy!

Very well created texture for lovers of the medieval and realistic, the best you can combine it with any shader, inspired by real life, the best complete texture for MCBE !!

I am the creator of this wonderful texture, my channel is EdwardYT and I have been creating it for 3 years

Changelog View more

-glass panels


-more beautiful skies

-bug fix

-more items in hd








-Growth problem

I am the creator.




If you can't install the texture pack, please tell me in the comments, I'll solve the problem as soon as possible, thanks for your downloading!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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48 Responses

4.45 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Guest-6756223300 says:

    Bro please comeback and update your texture pack there still lots of things in vanilla texture..such as netherite and netherite stuffs..campfire…..conduit…new nether mobs ….etc

  2. Guest-2259170310 says:

    Sorry dont want a virus on my pc

  3. Guest-8936247517 says:

    I can’t download it, please can you fix my problem.😐

  4. Guest-9450208469 says:

    Good shader keep it up

  5. Guest-3668627247 says:

    Hi Feluxis, greetings from Spain. I’ll write in English so everyone else can understand it. I installed buid7 WN CON Shaders and sky looks great and also my armour but the rest is like white or transparent. And when I break a block, the pieces that appear momentantaneusly are well textured for the small time they are seen before desappearing. What is happening? Windows 10, i3 3120M, 8 Mb RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GT card and enough hard disk space. Thanks

  6. Guest-7739838241 says:

    Does it support low end devices?

  7. Guest-6656331671 says:

    you should consider medieval windows

  8. Guest-2914868745 says:

    What method do you use to optimize images?

  9. Guest-5411484193 says:

    Do you need to prepare a powerful device for this?

  10. Guest-2298994982 says:

    Nada want he phone back

  11. Guest-9251396964 says:

    I downloaded it and most textures are good however some show up as vanilla like the chests, armor, and mobs. What did I do wrong?

  12. Guest-7346706836 says:

    I had to combine it with lb photo realism. When i did, i realized at least 1/4 of your textures were from lb photo realism!

  13. Guest-6858638975 says:

    This looks gorgeous, I wish my PC could handle it xD
    Also thank you for not using ad.fly. It’s good for creators to get credit for making packs like this that take years to make, but ad.fly is unsafe and can give you viruses.

  14. Guest-1652445247 says:

    Helo comrade

  15. Guest-7363420079 says:

    How do I get the 1.14 version? When I click download, it brings me to the Nether Update version…

  16. Guest-1117817036 says:

    can i use it on windows 10 edition

  17. Guest-4916660979 says:

    i dont know how to download it sends me to media fire any help

    • Guest-8829909116 says:

      It show the file logo and beside it is download logo. Just press it. It will download automatically

  18. Guest-7167273189 says:

    Wow I am tearing from the graphics best I ever used

  19. Guest-7338582497 says:

    I’ve used this since v9.0 B1 and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! on Bedrock!

  20. Guest-5800995240 says:

    I don’t know lol

  21. Guest-7787696348 says:

    I’ve used this since v9.0 B1 and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! on Bedrock!

  22. IntoTheRealm says:

    This is the Best shader i ever used in my whole life

  23. Guest-4909348569 says:

    Also, how did you manage to get the graphics that high of a resolution? WAIT! Don’t tell me.

  24. Guest-1108168975 says:

    Is it compatible with other packages that specifically change an object?

  25. Guest-2332034030 says:

    THIS WORKS ON XBOX ONE WITH MY FILES EXPLORER! If you want, i can help you add an installation guide, and yes, i am typing this on Xbox One in Microsoft Edge!

  26. Guest-6366504570 says:

    Is there anyway i can improve my fps?

  27. Guest-6115603773 says:

    This is so awesome thank you! Finally, a realistic shader pack that can be combined and still look great.

  28. Guest-7868570905 says:

    Is for PC?

  29. Guest-6256308033 says:

    This looks bad ngl doesn’t even look realistic on the first pic

  30. Guest-8865638130 says:

    some textures do not change, there are a few errors, but other than that I would like to thank those who contributed to the perfect effort (the tissues need to be checked)

    • Feluxis says:

      the texture is still in beta, over time it will fix the errors, this texture is the best at resolution, optimization and update, it does not compare with other textures such as fuserealism or lb photorealism or another similar one

  31. Guest-8989692514 says:

    Nice resource pack but misses dozens of blocks and items. No custom HUD is not in favor either..
    Some textures are really bad polished/cropped. After going into third person view textures like shovel literally floats in front of hand… requires fixing. Keep a good work

    • Feluxis says:

      no texture is between cut or badly polished, this is the texture but it is also due to the command section over time the bugs will be solved since it is in beta, it has almost all the blocks in HD no other texture you can find like this, greetings

  32. Guest-3032331647 says:

    I Love This

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