The Female Anime Characters v1.2 [Skin Pack]

Your favorite cute female anime characters compiled from the community can now be in your Minecraft game! Featuring over 15 female skins and still counting – each posses a great skill, power and looks! 

   Compiled by: r4isen1920. For a list of creators and contributors, seek texts below.

   Pack version: v1.2

Skin Search

If you are the original skin creator, you can submit your version of a Female Anime Character skin – by filling up a message form in here.

  • Your name will be included below; and
  • The original skin download link

Skin Sources & Credits

A. NovaSkins

 》 Visit: NovaSkin Website

 Most skins here are hosted from the NovaSkin website. The following skins can be publicly used by the community, under the ‘fair-use’ policy. But still, to respect the original link and its creators, I will be leaving their original download links here from where I got them.

Skin Lists

A. Current Skin List

 Kindly report sites or links that are no longer available. For the one’s who got their skin’s submitted here, you can ask my directly to change the link displayed here, as soon as possible.

B. Weekly New Skins (v1.2)

 New skins are added, more commonly, every week! You can download and stay up to date by viewing a short ad before downloading the pack; or, by simply downloading the previous version of the pack which is Adfly-free!


  • These skins are used with the ‘fair-use’ policy – to be used as a compilation or a parody of their original works in here. I do not steal their creations. Please help me know each and individual’s respective works, and we’ll resolve any problems if there is.

Changelog View more
  • Added weekly new skins!
  • Support for Japanese translations and/or language.


  • You can only download the skins you want manually from the original links if you are low on storage, or download the skin pack that includes them all.
  • Note: Please make sure you delete the previous skin pack version, if you have, before importing this again!

Installation FAQ

 A. For iOS/Apple

  1. Download the TMAC from the download links provided above.
  2. Opening the .mcpack: Minecraft should automaticlly import the skin pack if you have the Minecraft version 1.8 or above.
  3. Enjoy the skin pack!

 B. For Xbox

  1. Download the TMAC from the download links provided above.
  2. Extracting the .zip: Extract the .zip file using a file explorer that you use on Xbox. Then, copy or move the 'TMAC Skins' to your Minecraft's skin_pack folder!
  3. Opening the .mcpack: Simply open the .mcpack and Minecraft should automatically launch & then import the skin pack.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 (beta) 1.8 1.9

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32 Responses

4.75 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Gamer TamerYT says:

    Add RWBY Characters

  2. Master Bell says:

    Nice! Could you add Hestia and Lipstick from DanMachi? Five stars.

  3. EREEEEEEEH says:

    I am a man of my word so here are your 5 stars for adding Mikasa, but I would very much appreciate it if you added Hestia and Liliruca from DanMachi aka “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon”. They are great characters with funny personalities and I would love to play as them.

  4. Anonymous(not) says:

    Can you add characters from TenSura plz? it might be hard to find.
    Rimuru, the main character is genderless btw so idk which pack(male or female) it should be in

  5. EREEEEEH says:

    You actually added Mikasa! One last request… Can you add Hestia and Lili from DanMachi? I’m a man of my word though… Here are your 5 stars! It would still be greatly appreciated if you added those two.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could you add Rei Ayanami to the skin pack

  7. Ace says:

    Next update could you add Jolyne Cujoh that would be dope

  8. Itzcookie_playz says:

    Could u add doki doki literature club people in it) this is still super good

  9. Henry Long says:

    Add the girls from Doki Doki Literature Club

  10. Potato says:

    Can you make a rwby skin pack

  11. bro, when are you adding hatsune miku?

  12. EREEEEEEEH says:

    I would love if you added Mikasa from Attack on Titan or Shingeki No Kyojin, she is one of my all-time favorite anime characters. I will give this pack a 5 star rating when you do. Other than that, great pack!

  13. DxrIiinq says:

    Would love if you added “Zero Two” from Darling in the FranXX,. -Been here since you created the MACSP

  14. Vibes says:

    I don’t see Noelle Silva on here

  15. AegisFlare37 says:

    You should add The Nakano Quintuplets in Anime ‘Go-Toubun no Hanayome’… I mean… ALL Five of them

  16. Fairytail Tweeb says:

    Plz somebody make Erza

  17. Luna says:

    please add sailor moon please

  18. Anonymous says:

    Plz add sailor moon plz

  19. Anonymous says:

    Can u please add sailor moon and chibi moon please and thank u

  20. Owen says:

    Please add Jolyne Cujoh from Jojo

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can you please put toga himiko in the pack

  22. kakxshii says:

    Thank you for these skin packs man! Requesting a Kefla and Zero two? Appreciate it again ! (:

  23. EJ says:

    Put Bulma in it

  24. Kaza says:

    Good pack so far, I’ve had no issues so far, all the skins are pretty good. Could you add Yui Hirasawa from “K-On!” and Raphtalia from rising of the shield hero? that’d be neat, thank you for taking the time to put these packs together, and updating them, it’s real cool to hop on mcpedl and see an update to your skin pack and be like, hey, that’s the character I requested! its always exciting to see whats added to these.

  25. snipe kelly 123 says:


  26. Gamer says:

    Pls add zero two from darling in the franxx

  27. Linkcraft says:

    Two words.add.tari

  28. Anonymous says:

    How do you use the powers? (x box)

  29. I’ve been waiting 99999 hours for this.
    Also guess what my profile pic is.

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