Ferrari LaFerrari Addon

This add-on replaces the witch in-game with a fully functional sports car. It’s basically quite simplified Minecraft version of the LaFerrari (by Ferrari). If you’re looking for a high-end sports car then look no further. This car is one of the most luxurious vehicles so far introduced in the Bedrock Edition. It does have some downsides though such as the small hitbox.

Creator: Fernancraft277998Twitter Account

How to drive the sports car?

To drive the vehicle you’ll first need to spawn it. And since it replaces witches you either has to search for it in swamp biomes or using a spawn egg to spawn it. Search for “Ferrari” in your creative inventory and it will appear among the different items.

Find the shadow in front of the vehicle. This is the hitbox of the car and the area you’ll need to click or press on in order to enter it.

  • Android / iOS: Long press on the shadow and press Drive to ride the vehicle
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the shadow to enter the vehicle

Hold a carrot on a stick to start driving the car.

It’s an incredibly detailed model and it does seem to include most shapes and curves of the original car model.

The interior inside the car is also very detailed with details such as a steering wheel and seats.


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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23 Responses

3.88 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Cody Ray Shafer says:

    The model is very glitched out.

  2. suuuummmeeerrr says:

    it dose not spawn the world

  3. Summer says:

    Why can’t I spawn it??

  4. Anonymous says:

    how do u spawn the car

  5. Anonymous says:

    u should make a porsche 918 addon, it replaces the witch as usual, but NO KEY! YOU CAN MAKE A RIDABLE MOB WITHOUT THE CARROT ON A STICK! *cough* horse *cough*

  6. Jaylon Johnson says:

    Yo this is cool hopefully you can make more cars BRO plz make sure they replace other mobs not just a witch others thx

  7. Zain says:

    I like cars

  8. EaglesRule says:

    Model looks kinda weird!

  9. Someone says:

    oh wait nevermind

  10. Someone says:

    wait how do you drive

  11. Bobjohns says:

    Very good and fast but u need to improve the model

  12. poop hacker 123 says:

    it is awesome the car is so freaken awesome dudes I’m 11 and awesome bro

  13. riester says:

    can you plz make the car work with out a stupid carrot on a stick because there are other car addon on mcpedl.com which don’t need an item to move around

  14. Lilly says:

    Can you please add a forge version???? I would love that! I will rate it 5 stars if this mod is made into a forge version!

  15. MineDanica says:

    It’s fun and FAST! Thanks for sharing this!
    How do you engage boost? The boost button appears occasionally and I am blasted across the world.
    Made a race track and an upscale bumper cars game.

  16. Kristizzzgaming says:

    Kinda weird. But cool

  17. Zzpekeno_yVamp says:

    Put the option of two people into the car

  18. DARK says:

    This could have been made better, hopefully it gets a better model in an update.

  19. Entity_909 says:

    The Model from Outside looks bad💩

  20. Wow says:

    Looks so ugly

  21. Lol says:

    Amazingly done

  22. Jimmysavage21 says:

    Looks cool

  23. LugiaGamerYT says:

    Did you forgot the colisionbox behavior for the hitbox??

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