Find The Button MIN (Themed) [Minigame]

This map includes 10 differently themed levels. The objective for each level is to search for a button which is hidden somewhere around the area. If you have a hard time finding it then you can always press the Hint button found on one of the walls in a current level to get a hint about its whereabouts. Once you successfully find a button, then simply press it to continue to the next level.

Creator: StugRaz25


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21 Responses

3.91 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Brian says:

    There is no button on desert level or level 3

  2. JOHN CENA says:

    Where is the button on the snowwy tree one

  3. Notch says:

    This map was realy cool

  4. Mr.Block says:

    it a secret world in creative break blocks and cloak here

  5. Adust says:

    Awesome except I kept cheating :p

  6. YoshiGamer says:

    Good but no button on some levels so I had to skip

  7. DanTDM says:

    Nice map the Mojang office was awesome tho

  8. Tortoisegamer says:

    i really enjoyed the map however please add rules etc. Do not break blocks play in adventure mode other than that keep up the good work

  9. Lephplayz says:

    Can I make a show case video on your map

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bad commands

  11. ammar min says:

    yeah ita good map but level 8 was very hard
    But I liked the map ^_^ my gamertag is:ammar min

  12. ItGalaxyBoy says:


  13. Danny_24680 says:

    Where is the button on the jungle level??

  14. Nairamatibag says:

    I cant load the map because it have a newer version but i cant install.😭

  15. Onward Weevil says:

    Did you mean to let us play in creative? As a suggestion , you should include in the rules like “play in adventure mode” and :”do not break blocks unless…” or whatever.in the description above. Any way nice map!

  16. JGAnimeFanBBoy says:

    that is cool map

  17. Coolguy54 says:

    This a cool map

  18. Evan says:

    Hi I love it

  19. Jewel Johnson says:

    I really enjoyed it! I would say that the end level’s hint doesn’t work, but except for that everything was great! The buttons were really well hidden, and the levels were really fun!

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