Find The Button 2 (Story): Winter Edition

In this map you will have to face 15 different levels, and by progressing through the levels you will advance in the story that has been included in order to make the levels more interesting.

In this map you will face 15 different levels and each level has been built in a detailed way so that it is fun and nice to explore, even though it is a small map. The map has a lot of interesting things such as a story as the levels progress. The story is connected to the “Find The Button (Story)” map so it is recommended to play that one first.

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-Mc.World file has been fixed

-Stability improvements and support for the latest versions

-The old construction introduced in the previous update has been removed

-A new construction has been introduced where the player before playing has the chance of what dress to wear

-The explorer map has been moved

-Other improvements introduced the map

-At the end of the map the player can wear a dress for Christmas

-Decorations added in some levels

-Bug fixes

-The presentation image was corrected because an incorrect one was loaded

-Fixed some errors and unexpected events

-Changed the name of the folder

-The ability to "view" the map before playing it has been added

The presentation quality has changed, showing up at 16: 9 and a cropped interface

-The name of the map has been changed because it is not on the subject



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  1. YTtemplete_Gamer says:

    This work on 1.10.0 on android?

  2. PeoplePeoplePeople says:

    Can’t download.. fix the download link pls..? 🙂

  3. Lynn says:

    I downloaded the file, but when I go to open it, I get an error saying it can’t be played as a newer version has been saved. Please update.

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