Find The Button 4 (Story): Dream Edition

In this map you will have to try to save your abducted puppy about to be killed. Are you ready to save it by crossing different biomes? Please do not go creative as errors may occur!

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-Mc.World file has been permanently fixed

-"vision" mode has been added, which allows you to see the whole map before playing it

-Small changes at some levels

-The presentation image has changed

-Some levels have been made more difficult

-Small changes have been made to some levels

-Some levels have been made more complex

-The presentation image has changed



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8 Responses

4 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Fireball10326 says:

    it’s good

  2. panini says:

    how do you pass the first level?

  3. DoA.McPack says:

    i cant stand people who still dont use .mcpack dont waste my time

  4. Daniel Purcell says:

    The map looks pretty cool but it requires you to copy and paste the world to the games appdata which could be hard to find without a guide. I’d like it better if you could just import it to Minecraft as a .mcworld file.

    • Scerri says:

      I could even do it, but I preferred not risk like the previous maps I have created. Anyway if you are complicated you look for a video on YouTube or there is the official guide on the site McPE DL

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