Find The Button [EXTREME]

Are you looking for a Find the Button map that is completely new and interesting? well here’s our map! This map is made to completely test you and your patience because we extremely hide the button’s in an unexpected place.

This find the button MAP is extremely different from what other find the button MAP you have already played from the worlds I created It was all based on my own imagination and I have made this Find The Button MAP hard to challenge you…

This map includes 5 level’s of find the button ranging from somehow easy to extremely hard. well it’s always be depending on whose playing.

So what are you waiting for? Download the map and play with your friends(recommended)

Here are some of the Highlighted picture in the game. 

Level 1: THE HOUSE

This house has a second floor start from the ground floor try to roam around check every corners to find the button immediately.

Level 3: THE SEA

Swim around under the sea with lots of sea creatures try to find the button that is hidden maybe under the sea.

Level 4: THE MAZE

In this level you’re inside the gigantic maze ridiculous? Isn’t it’s level 4 of course it should be challenging try to find the right way and inspect every way and every corner above and under to find the meticulous button.


Re upload on any other site.

Modify the map in any way.

Create your own link to adfly

Find The button *Trailer HD*

Changelog View more

I made another custom made thumbnail for find the button map to attract more players to play our map.

I made an another thumbnail to attract more players play this Find The Button Map.

I made another custom thumbnail for this Find The Button map.

I made an official trailer for the Find The button map to give the player a glimpse of what they will expect in the map in High-Definition.

Fixes more of the detail in the game especially in the levels of Find The Button Map.

Fixed detail a little that the game can be play with friends

Add a little Dont's to serve as a reminder to user's who will download this map.


For Zip File

download the link of our find the button map. After downloading the map click extract folder then copy the folder go to your phone/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds then click paste the map there you're ready to go and play. Launch your minecraft application and enjoy!

For McWorld File 

just click the link for find the button .McWorld after downloading it just click it and you'll be redirected to the Minecraft application and yes you're ready to play and have fun.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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  1. Guest-1346671890 says:

    The download link is to fishy

  2. Guest-4210961247 says:

    Looks Cool Imma Give It A Try!

  3. Thanks for playing @Ruqsy05 I made it really challenging cause I want you to play it again and again until you finish it 🙂 share it to your friends too see If they can find the buttons.

  4. thanks for playing.. I made the map hard so you can try again for fun 🙂 share it to your friends too.

  5. Ruqsy05 says:

    It’s a cool map but my brother destroyed the house one and we still didn’t find the button can I know where the button was

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