Find The Button Forest Edition!

Hello, and welcome to my first minigame map called find the button! In this game you need to find the button to pass the level. But each level getting harder to find it can you find that all button?

The map have different levels.more forest theme may added in next update! 

Some images if map

And much more places!

Hope you like it! This map will continue updated as much as i can add nore theme places also you can sub to my channel for more maps!

My youtube:

And more videos

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6 Responses

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  1. Heavy says:

    This map are so cool huh

  2. Namelees says:

    /summon npc. You can edit her dialog or add commnad button

  3. Anth1121 says:

    what did you use to make the robot speak in the beginning?

  4. Namelees says:

    Hope you enjoy it guys

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