Find The Button: Halloween Edition

This map has a somewhat special version of “Find the Button” as in addition to finding the button to advance through the levels you must complete a series of simple puzzles to make it more entertaining. It has 3 horror/halloween themed scenarios

You will appear in this place:

To start playing go talk to the NPC:

The first scenario will be: “Cemetery”

The second scenario will be: Abandoned house:

The third and final scenario will be “Happy Halloween”

Important: If you use my map to create content, place my post link and not the direct links. Otherwise, you may have copyright issues.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. LinkedMaple2139 says:

    I subbed!!! Pls make the thing i said in the comments on the “runner vs killer bees” map post.

  2. RISALZI says:

    Very good map dude,i think you should make find the button YouTube edition,with extra easter egg of course XD

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