Find The Button Halloween

Are you one of the people who like to explore and be curious? Well, this map is for you, it’s a classic map: find the “Halloween” style button.

On this map there are 10 levels with different scenarios all set to Halloween, on each level there is a hidden button, which will take you to the next level. There will be some easy-to-find and difficult buttons.  Can you find all the buttons?

The map includes ambient music.

 Website: ©CubitosMC 

Creator: Andiuber

Twitter: @AndiuberOficial

YouTube: Andiuber



Changelog View more

Changes v2:

 -Updated buttons

 -The buttons that seemed impossible to search, are now easier.

 - Creative mode unlocked

 (Just activate the tricks)


How to download the file?

 Click on the letters where it says: "Download", then I waited 5 seconds, if you ask: (Activate Notifications) select the option to DENY, now skip advertising or continue and go!, Now you can download the file.

 How to install?

 Once the file is downloaded, just click and Minecraft will automatically open and export. If you cannot open the file, you will need to download a file browser in your store.

Note: If you want to share this content, be sure to use links to this MCPEDL post or the official Cubitos MC website,

 Do not use direct links or re-content in other pages or apps. 

Doubts and suggestions? contact us: [email protected]


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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17 Responses

4.2 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Stan ligero says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask you if the texture pack is free to use because I am creating an adventure map and I am using your pack.
    also if it is of free commercial use, I will name you in the credits.
    thank you very much!

  2. Idiot says:

    I am not even kidding i used xray for lvl 6 and i still cant finish the lvl

  3. Mathyas 441 says:

    I was record this map for recommend in my Youtube Channel (it’s Mathyas 441 [with minecraft head]). When i’m at level 8 i was SHOCK and i’m stop to continued the level after that i blow up that map and delete it! Otherwise 5 stars for this map!!!! I like it (please next time, Don’t do this again!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i was playing this at night and i really pooped my pants from the jumpscare in lvl 8

  5. szabolcs122 says:

    valameik szinten elö ugrot a jumpsker ugy megijetem.

  6. ThatGirl says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Amazing Map. Actually very challenging.

  8. YeetyBoi555 says:


  9. YeetyBoi555 says:

    Where is the button on stage 3, I really am struggling mane!

  10. Wafflezz says:

    i cant find the button on level three?

  11. Jamie says:

    Also beware of the jumpscare on level 8 I absolutely pooed myself

  12. Jamie says:

    I got so stuck on level 2 smh

  13. Mikaylah says:

    I need help finding the second button

  14. Anonymous says:

    it is really good mini-game and i really enjoied it thx for creating it

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