Find The Button: Houses Edition [Minigame]

Play through a series of 23 challenging levels to find hidden buttons and levers. This minigame is multiplayer compatible but you can also play it alone by yourself. It’s a really simple game where you must search and find something to press or toggle in order to move onto the next level. Each level includes a different building style (e.g. medieval, modern and so on).

Creator: MattH44TwitterWebsite
Updated: 17 June, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

Find The Button is a type of minigame where you (and your friends) need to find a hidden button or lever. You then need to press or toggle it in order to access the next level. At this point there are eight different levels.


  • Difficulty: Peaceful
  • Time: Day
  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • Don’t break blocks
  • Don’t cheat


  • Added 5 new levels- now 23 total (with help of Carter Ryan, @CarterRyan119, Twitter)
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated hint book


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85 Responses

4.35 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. DirpBoi says:

    ok ill be honest i broke 1 rule that is dont cheat but what can i do? i raging..

    sorry nice map btw

  2. Guest-4620663674 says:


  3. Guest-6537256334 says:

    estuvo genial

  4. Anonymous says:

    can’t find the lever or button on level 5? Hint book says its by the bed but there’s nothing there?

  5. Marisa Proulx says:

    I’m pretty new to Minecraft so this may be easy, but I’m wondering how I find the hint book?

  6. Jackopoulos says:

    Where is the hint book for level 6 it’s all dark and huge K would be a good if I found it legit! Thx Matt

  7. Anonymous says:

    The command blocks weren’t working at all even when I reopend the game it wasn’t working☹️

  8. Get off my account says:

    I love Minecraft

  9. Skalomanno says:

    Your find the button maps is the best! Maybe you could do an aquatic-inspired map for the new Aquatic Update?

  10. FortniteBoss2018 says:

    Indosiar Minecraft Survivalcraft 2 Roblox

  11. FortniteBoss2018 says:

    Indosiar Jurrasic Park

  12. FortniteBoss2018 says:

    Indosiar Fortnite

  13. LiorTuburan178 says:

    why does it not appear in my worlds i love this map 🙁

  14. TheRedPanntha says:

    i like this!

  15. TheRedPanntha says:

    good map pat and jen played this

  16. Anonymous says:

    so like it keeps crashing, anybody know why?

  17. dark hanter says:

    You can make it in media fire pls! Because I’m tired waiting in the bee

  18. Trexis says:

    Hey! This map was uploaded on my birthday!

  19. Frez♥️ says:

    I can’t even do level 1 I found the lever I just can’t find the button 🙁

  20. Nobody says:

    Hii, well im stuck.. i found the lever of lvl 1 BUT IT DOESNT WORK. Can someone tell me whats wrong?

  21. farangelnight says:

    Salut MattH44, j’aimerai avoir la solution du niveau 8, je pense qu’il y a surement un problème avec ce niveau, j’ai tenté (normalement) tout ce qui était possible dans cette salle, j’ai pensé a un bug ou à un glitch mais avec les mises à jour de minecraft, les glitchs et bugs sont pour la plus part réparer. Merci de m’aider je posterai pour ceux qui veulent la solution de la map sur ma chaîne YouTube sauf pour le niveau 8 (dernier niveau) que je n’arrive toujours pas. merci pour tout ton dur travail et bonne continuation 😉

  22. Pat says:

    Last level (8) was impossible. I attempted to do it for several minutes but I wasn’t even able to press the button. It was too high. I also mined all the dirt and there was no command block, except the one that shows the title.

  23. SnowiestEwe4 says:

    100000000 stars so cool bro how did you make it

  24. Talebafifa123 says:

    The world is tricky I liked the world it’s soo fun I hope u make more 🙂

  25. Notch_sticks says:

    Its soooooo hard. Cant even find the lever .

  26. Rachel herring says:

    I have found the lever in level one but I can’t find the button please help

  27. Jeff says:

    Who cares if it says in the description don’t cheat we are the ones who download it so we can cheat if we want to

  28. Jeffy Slayer says:

    Wheres the button in lvl 1

  29. Anonymous says:

    There’s an impossible jump on level three YOU IDIOT MAP CREATOR

  30. Minecraft says:

    That is way not appropriate on this app. If you keep it up I will talk to the producer.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Level 1 was messed up I went in creative and the command block was saying block can not be placed

  32. Lucy says:

    It was SSSOOO hard! I mean I only found the button on the first 2 levels! I just left the game on the 5th level. Man math you have to make WAY more easier maps. I did not like at all. (I kinda liked it because it was fun while it lasted)

  33. Catherine says:

    Looks easy but hard level 5 is the hardest one though

  34. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it cause it won’t let me

  35. ilia says:

    Matt I played all your maps all of them was so good but this one is not only find the button, it’s find the lever too

  36. Abdul says:

    I can’t find the button on level five 😭😭😞😞

  37. Obaid says:

    It’s good but it’s very hard

  38. Nathan. Nikolovski says:

    Cool Map! Just Finished It! it’s Awesome! Can You Build a 100 Stage Parkour map? that would be awesome!

    • Lucy says:

      You liked it? YOU LIKED IT?!?!?!? Never ever EVER make a 100 staged parlour map. Because why? Because NOBODY will play it. Except this guy. And you. By the why it was a little fun. Just a tiny bit. I put thumbs in the middle for the map you made.

    • YouknowmeBra says:

      Really I liked it too. But please. DON’T MAKE 100 STAGE PARKOR MAP. BECAUSE I WOULD AND NO ONE WOULD (except the guy that mentioned it) PLAY IT!! By the way the map was fun except level 5.

    • MattH44 says:

      Thanks! I’ll consider that for the future! 😛

  39. i am active on this website says:

    First to comment but 🙁 no one cares

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