Find The Button [Minigame]

This is a Find The Button map which me and some friends made. Some of the levels are made by me and other levels are made by my friends. I hope you enjoy it anyways. This is also my first map.

this is the find the button that ive made for fun (its also a first map on here) with my friends and it will be updated if i come around with it


  • TheluckyguyNL
  • Basshadow

special thanks:

  • CrystalWolf0550

i hope u all will enjoy the map and i will happily take your feedback. i also have server to give me feedback on discord and such. 

Changelog View more

changed someones name to his new ign (mrfadexy) on the mcpedl page

fixed lvl 3 button not working

changed the graveyard abit

added 3 new lvls:


lag metropolis (inspired by crystalwolfe0550 map city)


made some changes to some maps:
plankour is much easier

added shoutout credit (people that showed off my map)

added npcs for credits and reviews
added 5 lvls:
wisdom Tree
The end
mystic temple

no new lvls sadly only made changes to make maps much MUCH easier

and changed download guide abit

added new lvl : terifing mineshafts

updated the nether lvl to update 1.16
updated description

added a hint sign somewhere at lvl 3 cause it looks like its the hardest one

a little name change and i hope i imported it right

there is 1 change in this update:
made lvl 3 (the vault) button more noticeable seen how many people have trouble

new lvls added:
disco fever
dark brotherhood
Dam Amster (shout out to cookie for making the insparation
Sp00ky graveyard

and a final lvl that evry update the location of the button changes (srry)

new thumbnail
2 new people in the credits:
Cookiiechris and TheRichardNL007

3 lvls added: tropical volcano, cookie forest and the nether lands

added: an ending room

changes: more li9hting

new lvl added: boneblock playground.

changes: there are now signs by who made the lvl

lvl changes: the second part of the maze lvl has now a path

changed the .zip file to a .mcworld file to prevent any mishaps

added some tweaks to levels
made the spawn room more nice

more images in the decription from the lvls in the world


click on the link and it will download it

got to your dowloads folder u will find the file

if u click on it it should automatically import


Supported Minecraft versions


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59 Responses

4.71 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Vol18 Gaming says:

    I would Love To Play this On My Channel Thanks For This Amazing Work

  2. MrFadexy says:

    I love the maps, because they are simple and small. I LOVE IT!!!
    The maps are also good for mobile players. Thats a really good thing.


  3. Guest-4128319793 says:

    Yay I finished good map, btw it’s spelt ‘amazing’.

  4. Guest-7468283354 says:

    Hi I’m stuck on the level with the village, any hint could help even if it’s a small one!

  5. Guest-5561865959 says:

    So im kinda stuck on lvl 2

  6. Guest-2538539892 says:

    everyone complaining about 3. 3 was easy for me………. i watch a lot of button videos XD

  7. Guest-2131897162 says:

    O cant find where the button on level 3 is me and my friends have spent around 30 minutes looking for it and no luck, i tried looking here to see if anyone had found it but nothing. i would really like it if you helped us out. thank you!!

  8. Guest-3850360474 says:

    help on the bank one

  9. if u have trouble downloading it pls say what device u are on i cant help u if u dont say what device u are using

  10. Guest-3866524873 says:

    I can’t download your map It says Download Failed. Fix this plss

  11. Guest-3246169931 says:

    I need help with the tree level there’s a cookie under the tree does it have to do with the button??

  12. Guest-3246169931 says:

    I need help with the tree level there’s a cookie under the tree does it have to do with the button?

  13. Guest-7139563535 says:

    i need help on the disco level

  14. Guest-1444203111 says:

    I still can’t find it, the one with the little house

  15. Am gonna stop saying where the buttons are cause sure i love helping u but whats the fun of finding the button if i tell u where it is (lvl 3 will be easier next update as promised) i should make also make a hint button in every lvl

  16. Guest-3549854606 says:

    i really need help on the 4th leve. a hint would help.

  17. Guest-6545932090 says:

    Estoy estancado en el nivel donde empiezas en una pequeña casa, y donde hay una cueva con minerales, ya busque en la parte derecha de la cueva y no hay nada, me puedes decir que minerales hay cerca del botón
    Buen mapa gracias

    • oh sorry um yea its behind a chest am making the map a bit more easier in the next map patch cause ive seen allot of people getting stuck in that lvl but yeah its behind the chest row where a light source is

  18. Guest-5156194628 says:

    It won’t import to my Minecraft. I’m on v1.14.30 IPhone XR 🙁

  19. we gonna make the 3rd lvl more easier in the next updat seeing how many people are having trouble

  20. Guest-4907327663 says:

    I need help in the 3rd level

  21. Guest-8563860644 says:

    Brilliant thank you, she found that but didn’t know you could swim under the block

  22. Guest-3642086416 says:

    I am stuck on the level where u start in the small house and there is a mine with all types of ores in it and stuff plsss help lol

  23. Guest-5374420260 says:


  24. Guest-4660327733 says:

    Really love the new levels
    and i like the new disco level to who ever made it it looks really good

  25. Guest-7113673290 says:


  26. Guest-1102873909 says:

    I tried to download it and it never showed up on neither my behavior packs, my worlds, or texture packs

  27. i have a feeling ive missed something in the 1.0.6 (if i find it i will fix it next update)

  28. Guest-6013451709 says:

    Awesome work. Imma download it now!

  29. btw am srry for those who hate mazes

    i found them amazeing

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