Find The Button : Story Edition

Do you ever play find the button? The game is so simple you just need to find a hidden button, So simple right?  So what are you waiting for go download it

This is the preview of find the button

Level 1 A Shaman House? 

Level 2 A Camp

Level 3 A Snow Mountain

Level 4 A River

Level 5 A Small Village

Level 6 The Maze Jungle

Level 7 The Waterfall

Level 8 Bamboo Forest

Level 9 A Old Hut

Level 10 A Lost Temple

And that’s all for the map review I hope you guys enjoyed it and peace✌


How to install the map? 

 • Download and install mcworld

 • Click on the file and it will be exported auto into your minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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    Can this be multiplayer?

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