Find The Buttons!

This is a find the buttons map that contains 14 challenging levels. This map works only in singleplayer. This map also offers you hints that you can use throughout the map.

This is my first map, so I hope you enjoy! Each level has a hidden button that you must find and press.

This map works only in singleplayer.

You will be given 3 hints that use can use through out the map. Use them wisely!

If you find the 2 secret buttons hidden in levels 2 and 9, you can unlock the secret room at the end of the map!

If you find any bugs, please let me know on my Discord:

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  • Completely forgot to update the new pictures in the description, so that's what I did.
  • Updated the description of the map.
  • Updated the whole level for level 2 to fit with the nether update better.
  • Updated the description (again).
  • Fixed the maze level commands.
  • Updated the hint that's in the last level.
  • Updated the description of the map on
  • Changed the secret room a little bit.

Added a hint to level 14 because I forgot to added it during the release of the map.

Updated description of the map on mcpedl. Also fixed last lobby area.


Don't know how to download the map? Click this link here:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)

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  1. Perxeus says:

    Awesome map bro
    i like the details and stuff

  2. Guest-9856181524 says:

    It look very nice!

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