Published on February 20, 2018 (Updated on February 20, 2018)

Fire!! [Minigame]

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Hey, can you make a world with a school roads and houses Or have you already bc idk xxx Love your car mod btw big fan xxxx
When I spawn it makes me fall and die over and over again ;c
When will this update? This is cool
Just sell an item and close the trades menu, after a few seconds the trades should reappear
Hey when I trade too much with the villager I can't trade with it anymore!
Because that rule applies to basic minecraft. They get annoyed
This is an amazing map, but there's one problem. In the mansion map, when you spawn you fall into the void. I would like this one thing fixed.
Thanks CoolGame! I will fix it in the upcoming update
Whoa that's cool ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is basically natural disasters from Roblox. Hmm...
It soon will be :)
There will be new updates soon