Firework Mod

Here we present to you one of the so far best fireworks mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It uses cool torch particles as the fiery visuals and introduces several different types of fireworks based on what you want to experience.

Creator: MxGoldo


How do I get the firework items?

The fireworks can be crafted with some paper, gunpowder, flint & steel and redstone dust. You can also obtain them easily with the inventory while in creative mode or use the Too Many Items mod.

How to launch a firework?

There are two ways to set off the fireworks. One is by simply tap on the ground while holding the firework to set it off.

If you want to set off multiple fireworks one after the other then you will need a block called Firework Launcher (crafting recipe can be found further down). Place the Firework Launcher next to a chest filled with fireworks. Then tap on the Firework Launcher to set off the fireworks.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Firework Launcher, ID: 94 – 7 Gunpowders + 1 Flint & Steel + 1 Redstone Dust
  • Fountain (small), ID: 445
  • Fountain (big), ID: 446
  • Fountain (triple), ID: 447
  • Fireball, ID: 448
  • Rocket (trail), ID: 449
  • Rocket (ball), ID: 450
  • Rocket (special ball), ID: 451
  • Rocket (circle), ID: 452
  • Rocket (stripe), ID: 453
  • Rocket (wheel), ID: 454
  • Rocket (tall grass), ID: 455


  • /stopfirework – if Minecraft starts to lag use this command to disrupt all fireworks

firework2 firework3 download

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15 Responses

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  1. Someone says:

    There are already fireworks in-game thus, this mod makes laggy fireworks!

  2. :v says:

    Hola, ¿lo podrías poner para Windows 10 por favor? porque sí me encanta este mod 🙁 quisiera poder descargarlo :(((

  3. Christian says:

    This doesnt even work. I would like to know whats going on. It keeps saying file not found

  4. Jack says:

    When I try to place a firework I get tons of error messages pls fix

  5. MilkWithCookies says:

    It cant work on me… when i tapped with a firework, everything just broke! Pls help me im using 0.14.0 b7
    And the latest blocklauncher update

  6. C_Jelz14 says:

    update for 0.13.1 please….. this firework mod is better than the other but I can’t play it on 0.13.1

  7. Christian says:

    Support 0.13.0 pls

  8. Eduard says:

    How to use it?

  9. Kathleen says:

    Can you pls add direct download

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