Fishers! [Minigame] [PvP]

Hello! My name is Variety8, this post here is actually the first of I hope to be many more! I hope you enjoy Fishers! What should I add, remove, or tweak? What other minigame ideas do you have? Please let me know in the comments, thanks!


There may be some bugs so please bare with me!

Fisher! is a minigame where two random players are selected, geared with a fishing rod, teleported to 1 of 4 arenas, and after a countdown, try to reel their opponents into the void below! The matches may end in a second!

When you first join the world, you will be greeted with a big sign with some ocean scenery pixel art, and the lobby. The lobby includes Start Game, How to Play, and Credits. The How to Play message includes a somewhat close description of what you can see above. Didn’t get picked to go one-to-one? Don’t worry because you will teleported to a spectator platform with a great view!

This minigame requires two or more players to start.

This minigame includes 4 different arenas to play on:

-The Pit




You can actually see the Smiley map in the photo!

Changelog View more

-Changed and added some words to describe the minigame more thoroughly.

=Fixed a bug

-Added scenery to the lobby

-Added scenery to the arena area

-Fixed a bug.

-Added scenery to the lobby.

-Added scenery to the arena area.

-Changed file download to a mcworld file.

-Fixed a bug.

-Added scenery to the lobby.

-Added scenery to the arena area.

-Link should be working now.

-Fixed a bug

-Added scenery to the lobby area.

-Added scenery to the arena area.

-Link should finally be working now.

-Tweaked some stuff in the introduction.

-Tweaked some stuff in the installation description.


When you press  "", it will take you to an link.

Wait 5 seconds and press "Skip Ad".

It will take you to a website.

Press the "Download as ZIP", wait a couple of seconds, and you should be good to go!

If you want to get a link, just rename the ".zip" in your folder to a "".


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. OrULaze says:

    Make mediafire

  2. person says:

    I cant download it it says i cant download in bulk when i try to download in mediafire

  3. Oblivion5367 says:

    Please zip your world.

  4. Anonymous says:

    File is empty

  5. Soashi says:

    Cant download the mapa :c

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