Published on February 06, 2022 (Updated on April 21, 2022)

Fishing With A Twist v3 1.18.3 Update

Are you one of those players that dreads fighting the Wither just to get a beacon? Hate waiting to reach the end to get shulkers for your many building projects or Elytra to explore? Don't like messing with Pillagers for Totems of Undying? Hate raiding ocean monuments for sponges and sealanterns? Trouble finding a Nether Fortress to get nether wart or blaze rods? Prefer to relax and fish?

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Added items to junk loot tables; kelp, sea pickles, cobwebs.

Adjusted fishing chances.

Updated Logo.


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plssss update to 1.18.10 btw mod is too good
It was written in 1.18.1 and we have only had one patch to fix the furnace XP glitch. Can you explain what is not working for it to need updated?
plsssssss update to 1.18.10 btw love this mod