Fishy Add-on

This Bedrock Add-On adds a variety of new fish to the game. These fish can be caught by the player using a fishing rod. Players are able to cook these fish with blocks like the smoker.

This Add-On adds a variety of new fish to the game. These fish can be caught by the player using a fishing rod. All the new fish can be cooked using blocks like the smoker, and you can eat them too!

New Fish Info

Raw Nutrition: 2
Cooked Nutrition: 6
Raw Saturation: Poor
Cooked Saturation: Good

Red Snapper
Raw Nutrition: 2
Cooked Nutrition: 6
Raw Saturation: Poor
Cooked Saturation: Good

Raw Nutrition: 2
Cooked Nutrition: 6
Raw Saturation: Poor
Cooked Saturation: Good

Raw Nutrition: 2
Cooked Nutrition: 6
Raw Saturation: Poor
Cooked Saturation: Good

Raw Nutrition: 2
Cooked Nutrition: 4
Raw Saturation: Poor
Cooked Saturation: Good

Additional Information

  • Download is on mediafire. Do not download any EXE or APK files, this file is an MCADDON file.
  • This addon may be incompatible with other addons that add fish. It should still load fine, you just may not be able to catch the fish in the other mod, or in this one.
  • Experimental Gameplay option must be enabled!
  • Do not redistribute or re-upload this addon!
  • You can use the /function fishy_all_items command to quickly give yourself every item added by this addon.

Changelog View more
  • Fixed Cooked Red Snapper being named Red Snapper.
  • Fixed a dependency load issue for textures.
  • Added the /function fishy_all_items command, which will give you all items from this addon.
  • Added three new starfish. They are very rare, and just decorative for now.
  • Made the Trout, Tuna, Red Snapper, and Bass less common, should make vanilla fish easier to get, while keeping these fish accessible.

Switched to the new Cubenomenon download page. This is a fast and safe page we have made for downloading our addons.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13

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64 Responses

4.1 / 5 (20 votes)

  2. User-7166941186 says:

    It seems that both links for this mod are down.. could they be brought back up, please?

  3. Javier Hernández says:

    Both Links are down:(

  4. Krabby7 says:

    I love this Addon and the simple stuff it adds but I can’t fish them. Every time I should probably catch one of them it gives me nothing. So please fix this so I can experience it!

  5. Arex says:

    Can u add mobs of the fish cause it would make it feel less lonley with only 4 kinds of fish

  6. Sharkissss says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful mod. I completely immerse myself in the fishing process and really get high. But the types of fish in minecraft are very few and would like variety. This mod helped me and fishing in minecraft moved to a new level for me. The mod is made very high quality. And of course, I had a question whether the mod will develop and add new species of fish? By the way, how do you like the idea in the future of adding a function to add fish weight (if this is of course possible in minecraft pe). For example, the first time I caught a fish weighing 2.34 kilograms and the next 4.86 kilograms. And you can increase the chance of catching big fish with the help of various bait. You can also add a chance to catch a variety of garbage

  7. Read this says:

    Add more fish plz

  8. Dinoking2007 says:

    Can make items mobs two

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great mod, but don’t forget to credit ReLogic for some of those Terraria fish sprites

  10. Ollie says:

    Those fish look very similar to the ones from terraria.

  11. Hello says:

    Please fix the link

  12. Mikail Afridi says:

    Can you add them as mobs pls

  13. Ethan says:

    This add-on is great. Textures and everything.
    But there’s one big issue that im having. I try to eat the cooked fish, but i keep eating it and it doesn’t give me anything. I forever keep eating it. I’m not sure if i have to have experimental mode on or not.

  14. Unknown says:

    This addon is good but why is the fish not refilling my hunger bar.

  15. the french guy says:

    heyy guy realy cool mod the fish textures look realy cool i love it but just i think … the command that you give in the description to get all the fish don’t work but i think that its better to go fishing directly

  16. Fynn says:

    no where to be seen, experimental mode is on

  17. DOP says:

    Fantastic, but maybe you can add different fish-based dishes and the (fantastic) fugu.
    Keep going

  18. Thom.LOL says:

    Hey, you should make it possible to get the items easily through the creative section. Please

    • Darkhax says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I would love to add them to the creative tab, however the Bedrock Addon system does not support this feature for items yet. (some blocks will work). I will add this feature as soon as it is available.

  19. Wuln says:

    Bagaimana saya untuk mendownload ny?

  20. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Alright since i wont be At 1.1.2 because of broken vilagers i will help you with the addon for ideas why not add eel and catfish

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why does it send me to this free proxy thing??????????????????

  22. Xvervial says:

    How do you install the addon? It sends me too this free proxy thing and im confused.

    • Darkhax says:

      It sounds like you clicked on an advertisement by accident. Here are some steps on how to avoid the ads and go directly to the download.

      1) Click the link, you should be on a page.
      2) Complate the “I’m not a robot” box.
      3) Click on the blue square “Click here to continue box”
      4) Wait 5 seconds for it to complete.
      5) Click the green “Get Link” box.
      6) This should take you to a MediaFire page, which gives you the file.

    • use AdBlock.

      Or, if you’re too lazy to download it, use the MCPEDL app.

  23. Madtester Gaming99 says:

    Is the Textures From Terraria? is it? Nevermind But its Cool
    also the names…AH ALL FISH HAS SAME NAMES never mind that

  24. MemeKing says:

    Anyone know how to use a GIF for a profile picture?

  25. Cody says:

    Why are there no mobs for the fish

  26. Nobody says:

    Ok im not in the beta so I cant get it. BUT STILL SUGGESTION BECUAUSE WELL I CAN GET IT WHEN 1.12 IS OFFICALLY RELEASED. So, maybe make mob versions too.

  27. gio1135 says:

    Takes too much inventory space. Just having cod and salmon is too much for me.

  28. B0N says:

    I don’t have the beta installed, so I haven’t installed the addon myself, but does it replace any of the current foods for the fish or are they entirely sperate from the normal foods? If it does replace foods, which foods does it replace?

  29. fart bagel pepe says:


  30. Evie says:

    Kinda dissapointing. You should add a fish that actually swims on water. Not by using a fishing rod. But other aspects of this addon are good. But seriously, why will you add fish as food not a food and a mob at the same time?

    • IllegalAlpha says:

      Adding mobs in Minecraft Bedrock edition without replacing a mob egg is difficult for the current status of the bedrock edition, before you put a hate comment, try to ask yourself why.

      • IllegalAlpha says:

        why it couldn’t be done.

      • Evie says:

        I know how hard it is but… You can just look at the wiki and try to learn from it. Developer, if you are reading this, practice. Make more addons. That’s all. And for IllegalAlpha, I thought that we was a pro with making addons. I never thought that this was his first addon.

    • Darkhax says:

      Mojang/Microsoft is still developing their addon system, we can not add something unless their system allows for it. While you can make new mobs without replacing existing once, water mobs like fish are still a bit hard to get right. This is also my first addon so I am learning as I go. I will add new fish mobs in the future once I know how to do it properly.

  31. CTG says:

    Are these Terraria fish???

  32. ChocolateMallows says:

    Are these Mobs or Just Foods?

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