Five Nights at Freddy´s 4 BETA2 [Dany Fox]

A little boy disturbed by his friends some big robot animals want to meet you, Norman is very afraid of them and has nightmares with them,

But this time it’s not just nightmares …

readFive Nights a Freddys 4 is a video game originally created by Scott Cawhon

Huge animatronics wanting to catch you come to Minecraft in your hands!

Play with these unique characters and make your maps more fun and scary!


The nightmare animatronics are great hostile creatures that attack the player and Norman!, Protect yourself because they are too strong !!!

The animatronics’ eyes sparkle in the dark!


The Plushies are a simple decoration that when an animatronic nightmare dies they leave their respective Plush, aren’t they cute?

Small But Dangerous!

The Freddles, Plushtrap and Nightmare Cupcake seem to be small and harmless but quite the opposite!


He’s just a little boy who just wants to be calm, he doesn’t hurt anyone

Norman is very scared of his friends

Fredbear and Spring Bonnie

They don’t want to hurt you, just brighten your day, but don’t hit them because they will change their minds!


Fredbear and Spring Bonnie want to give you a show!!!

Norman is so scared that he can’t control his crying near them

Grandfather Clock!!!

It’s just a clock


Immovable posable animatronics to decorate your maps! They work just like an armor stand

To have them, you must kill the little Foxdee plush

you monster

You can go to the animatronics with different animations and give your friends a scare!

they are also good for maps


some animatroniocos only move to attack

the addon is translated into Spanish, English and Portuguese, not all the translations may be correct

If lightning strikes certain animatronics they become his Halloween version!

Easter Egg, if you kill Nightmare Fredbear several times it may drop something funny

This addon was created by Dany Fox, you cannot publish this addon in other web pages, applications and third parties

If you want to review this addon on your YouTube channel you have full permission to do so, you can leave my name “Dany Fox” so that I can look it up and see it!.

you can use this addon on your maps and publish them with the addon, as long as you leave credits for the addon

the addon has different sounds, animations and behaviors for each animatronic 

(UCN Voices Used)


  • Nightmare Freddy
  • Nightmare Bonnie
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Nightmare Foxy
  • Nightmare Fredbear
  • Nightmare
  • Nightmare Cupcake
  • Freddles x3
  • Plushtrap
  • Norman
  • Freddy Plush
  • Bonnie Plush
  • Chica Plush
  • Foxy Plush
  • Fredbear Plush
  • Spring Bonnie Plush
  • Dreadbear
  • Jack-o-Bonnie
  • Jack-o-Chica
  • Grim Foxy
  • Jack-o-Cupcake
  • Nightmare Mangle
  • Nightmarionne
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy
  • Norman Friends x4
  • Foxdee Plush
  • Foxdee  (Creator Character)


You can see more FNaF projects HERE!




This addon uses adfly links to download, if you do not know how to use this type of links use the video tutorial below

Changelog View more
  1. Adding Halloween Characters
  2. New Mechanics for the characters
  3. More TEST ANIMATION animatronics
  4. Images of new implementations and improvements in the publication
  5. Bug fixes

Instructions how to use adfly links

Aesthetic improvements in the publication


How to use

  1. Open the link, it will direct you to the "" website.
  2. Do not accept notifications or other ads that ask you, just reject them.
  3. Locate the Yellow button at the top right that counts from 5 to 1.
  4. Wait 5 seconds.
  5. Click on the yellow button.
  6. Close all the ads that appear next, wait a few moments and repeat this procedure 4 times, (it may take a few minutes).
  7. Click on the blue link at the end of the text to download the correct file


Supported Minecraft versions


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116 Responses

3.77 / 5 (82 votes)
  1. Guest-7593063585 says:

    the only reason why i downloaded this add-on was because i saw grim foxy (he’s my favorite fnaf character

  2. Diamondplays says:

    Can you do FNAF sister location of FNAF pizzeria simulator pls

  3. Guest-9663819922 says:

    It’s great for pranking my friends

  4. Guest-3138474759 says:

    Hey, can you update it so people on 1.15 and 1.16 can use?

  5. Guest-9326429733 says:

    Best addon of fnaf ever!!!!!!! the reson im saying that is because fredbear is in here

  6. Guest-3846866167 says:

    You should make addon that has all of the fnaf animtronics in it.

  7. Guest-4349913617 says:

    Whenever I kill the foxdee plush, the game crashes.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Guest-9138745941 says:

    Please, My game glitch because the spawn pic.
    Change to egg pictures please.!!!!!😕😕😕😕😕

  10. Guest-2897400050 says:

    so when i got the animation test animatronics (the one you get for killing a FoxDee plush) i saw a button that says “equip” then i pressed it nothing worked except the sound of you equiping it so my question is.. can you make the animatronic equipable? i got a rp map just for me and my friends it would be really sweet to have a morph in it if you can’t do it or don’t wanna its fine tho i understand by the way thx for the addon i love it

  11. Guest-5739867613 says:

    For some odd reason NIghtmare doesn’t look normal. Is it a bug or what? Can you please tell me if there is a way I can fix this?

  12. Guest-4033280834 says:

    You should make an add-on to where there are just animatronic parts so people can make a factory or something else cool. I’m not saying to rip off the fnaf universe mod but it would be cool to have an add-on that has those features for those who cannot download the fnaf universe mod.

  13. MADNESSman2411 says:

    I had fun with the test animatronics you should add test animatronics for your other fnaf related addons🙂

    • MADNESSman2411 says:

      Also couldn’t help but notice your making a fnaf sl addon that we all can’t wait to see and hope everyone is ok with everything that’s happened

  14. Guest-1993189233 says:

    Hello Dany!
    I’d like to comment on how well this and your other addons are- all of the addons you have made have been fantastic and easily accessible for download! I’d just like to congratulate you on making such a fantastic FNaF based addon, especially for us windows 10 or IoS and android users. Since this is a beta and you’ve stated that more characters are to come, If it is okay for me to suggest some I will, I think it would be a cool idea to add the ‘un-withered’ or pre-nightmare animatronics. like the Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy models at the 1983 location before the first Freddy’s actually opens. Just for the sake of making a Fredbear’s location to go with the FNaF 4 house, If not that is totally fine! I honestly would be perfectly content with just the beta now as its well made and has almost everything you could need.
    Thank you for reading! stay fantastical my guy.

  15. Guest-4504385638 says:

    Whyyyyy, I don’t wanna kill the Foxdee plush 🙁

  16. Beam006 says:

    Plz make fredbear and spring bonnie aggressive

    • Guest-4320690011 says:


  17. Guest-3302486978 says:

    It won’t let me download it . When I click on skip ad it doesn’t download

  18. Guest-7052252640 says:

    Add nightmare springtrap

  19. Guest-9798682309 says:


  20. Guest-5366694035 says:


    • Guest-8378301481 says:

      Guest-5366694035 HOW ARE ANIMATRONICS FURRIES? HOW!? They’re just endoskeletons in humanoid animal costumes that were created to entertain children. Furries, on the other hand, are HUMANS in humanoid costumes who appeal more to adults that children. SO STOP THE STUPID FURRY TALK OR DANYFOX WILL UNLEASH NIGHTMARE DANY AND LET IT HAUNT YOUR DREAMS!

    • Guest-7102134343 says:


  21. Guest-2359271737 says:

    Could you also add the Unwithered animatronics please!

    • Guest-7094106303 says:

      hey man go to his website, he has more addons there!

      get his fredbear and friends family diner addon for the unwithered ones

  22. Guest-8078425840 says:

    hey do u think u could make statue animatronics for your other packs

  23. This is an awesome addon! I have all your FNaF Addons and they are great! But one question:

    Can I use this addon in one of my maps? I am making the Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 House to post to MCPEDL. And if you let me, is there anything you want me to copy and paste into the description?

  24. Guest-7979730586 says:

    from the review its self it looks great but one suggestion is that you add nightmare springtrap, although hes pretty rare in FNAF 4 i believe it would be a nice addition to the addon

    • Guest-2072417899 says:

      There’s no such thing as nightmare spring trap. You either saw a fake video, or his fake model, he’s not real.

  25. Guest-7558160209 says:

    It works for me its easy to get the link just block all notifications and click the adfly
    It also works on 1.16 for me idk tell me if it works on 1.16 cause it works for me also danyfox your addons are amazing!.

  26. Guest-6329833941 says:

    I am on mobile I can get it

  27. Guest-3904414039 says:

    I CANT EVEN INSTALL THIS. (Trust me I’ve been trying but it just tries to make me buy stuff or something!) I tried all of the links dany gave us but none of them worked, one of them brought me to Roblox! And “” is basically a place just for ad’s like literally the name says it all. If I could install this and play a game with it I’m sure I’d like it very much! But I can’t even install it. If you update this dany, please put a different link to install it, I really want to install this but since the installer is I can’t. Thank you! And sorry to everyone else that is having trouble with this!

  28. Guest-7409762519 says:

    it works perfect!!! LOVE THIS ADD-ON BRO!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…Looking forward to play more of your ADD-ONS🔥🔥🔥

  29. Guest-8420646696 says:


  30. Guest-8871412671 says:

    amazing, its great

  31. Guest-3069748995 says:

    Ok i understand that you want to make money from ads but can you at least provide a direct link to mediafire?

  32. Guest-5516803624 says:

    There is literally no virus. Jeez… kids these days don’t even try. I am 11 and even I know how to get past If it “doesn’t work” explain how I have the Addon in my Minecraft world.

  33. Guest-5886234720 says:

    Why there is no mod there is only virus

  34. Guest-2694074006 says:


  35. Guest-5739656829 says:

    I cant see the mod becuase I keep on gliching

  36. Guest-5890894375 says:

    I love all of your fnaf mods and I downloaded all of them
    this is gonna be fun and scary

  37. Anonymous says:

    How to use
    1.Open the link, it will direct you to the “” website.
    2.Do not accept notifications or other ads that ask you, just reject them.
    3.Locate the Yellow button at the top right that counts from 5 to 1.
    4.Wait 5 seconds.
    5.Click on the yellow button.
    6.Close all the ads that appear next, wait a few moments and repeat this procedure 4 times, (it may take a few minutes).
    7.Click on the blue link at the end of the text to download the correct file

  38. Guest-9086507268 says:

    Guys there are no viruses! if you click the ads in adfly you will most likely get a virus, click skip ad and then click on the link it redirects you to. also dany can you make the tattletale addon, its on your website it just says not available

  39. Guest-5895254762 says:

    I’m leaving 1 star not cause the add-on is bad, but cause I can’t even get to the download page. I keep getting redirected and none of the pages are to media fire. I get it, you want to get money off of your add-on, and an ad account does it for you. But it doesn’t help when said as site doesn’t even take you to where you want to go. I hate to ask you this, but you need to remove it. Again, I get that you want to earn money off of it, but face it. Multiple people are complaining about this, and it isn’t just you, or even this piece of content, that these ad sites do this to

  40. Guest-8376616433 says:

    Please fix the link

  41. Guest-1715079136 says:

    Wish I could download it but I get viruses instead… 🙁

  42. Guest-7259596219 says:

    why can’t you just use a mediafire link?

  43. Guest-9197502022 says:

    Or, even better, don’t download the addon if you fear that you are at risk of a virus attacking your system.

  44. Guest-5151147805 says:

    lol so many idiots that givve low rratings sincce theyy cant get past adfly

  45. Guest-2859802001 says:

    There name is micheal not Norman 🤦‍♂️

  46. Guest-5021434626 says:

    Can you add puppet ?

  47. Tizi 14 says:

    The link is not false, rather, do you know how to use adfly? Because I’m surprised not to.

  48. Tizi 14 says:

    English: For people who think it is a virus or is poorly done by their reviews, it is false! They are bots, I being a friend of the creator, I have tried the addon and I have seen that it is not fake! Download it!

  49. Guest-5533046453 says:

    can you PLEASE JUST USE A MEDIAFIRE LINK!!!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  50. Guest-5001689456 says:

    cant download it cuz of the viruses fúcking hell

  51. Guest-4266028704 says:

    You should also add the Unwithered Animatronics I cant download this because I’m scared I might get a virus so I’m gonna wait until you release your addons on MCpE Addons

  52. Guest-8084260814 says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD This is fake!! it sends you to links that download sketchy VIRUS websites and then makes you download a 13.86 zip file that doesn’t even have the addon on it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD or click on the links.

    • Guest-5780085074 says:


    • Guest-4939706628 says:

      PLEASE DOWNLOAD This is real!! it sends you to links that download the ACTUAL addon and then makes you download an MC File that has the addon on it. PLEASE DOWNLOAD and please don’r call Danyfox a furry

    • Guest-4360742085 says:

      Bro it’s not fake. Obviously you just don’t know how to download stuff or you’re just a kid that can’t tell the difference between viruses and pop ads. At least you didn’t give the Addon a 1star like the other stupid kids though…

    • Guest-1848393553 says:

      Awesome,what about if you have finished all fnaf addon and try to combine all of them and become a fnaf universe addon Dany Fox.

  53. Guest-5364322028 says:

    this addon is a bit racist

  54. Guest-4524539937 says:

    whoever likes this is a furry

  55. Red Fan says:

    Amazing Addon! You and Adam Taylor’s Addons are the best Fnaf addons ever!

  56. Guest-8853194369 says:

    You should make it so when you don’t look at them they start moving but it’s only at night that they move around and come after you. Amazing addon tho.

    • Guest-9291625187 says:

      can you help me on how to download it, cause i keep getting redirected to viruses

      • Guest-9606661109 says:

        To avoid these viruses, just simply install an Adblocker and everything should be fine. I cant believe a lot of people ignore adblock and get viruses from Adfly instead, so just follow my guidance, folks!

      • Guest-3221066826 says:

        Just because u can’t download it don’t give it a 1star. At least give it a 3 or a no star so the average won’t change.

        • Guest-9197502022 says:

          Or, even better, don’t download the addon if you fear that you are at risk of a virus attacking your system.

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