Five Nights at Freddy´s 2 Animatronics Add-on

Oh no, The animatronics are here and want to catch you! Get this ADD-ON and recreate and enjoy them in your own creations!.

They can move, talk and ATTACK!, run away or face them!

These hostile animatronics will attack the player mercilessly! Some are fast, others are slow but everyone wants to catch you!

The Five Nights At Freddy´s 2 Animatronics are in Minecraft now! They can move, talk and ATTACK!, run away or face them!

These animatronics are part of my SAGA of FNaF maps Created by Scott Cawthon


Each animatronic can move at will and look at you and can enter into three sides depending on its size

each one has a different speed and 100 hearts!, be careful with them that also hit very hard!

Toy Animatronic

Toy Chica without peak

Toy Chica has a counterpart who takes off his beak and his eyes sparkle!!!

Withered Animatronic

Withered Bonnie with face

Mangle Climber!





To have the animatronic statues manipulable, you must kill the Foxdee plush and it will drop you the necessary items! You can also do summon with the command “/summon testdf:[name]”

To be able to change the position of these animatronics, you must bend down and press the “pose” button or click,

like an armor stand !!!

Dany Fox entities

Foxdee is the character of Dany Fox, he is a blue sweater fox that will not attack you and will accompany you with his plush, but he does not like to be beaten

It is not recommended to play in BETA versions of Minecraft


  1. Toy Freddy
  2. Toy Bonnie
  3. Toy Chica
  4. Toy Foxy
  5. BB
  6. JJ
  7. Puppet
  8. Mangle
  9. Toy Chica without beak
  10. Withered Freddy
  11. Withered Bonnie
  12. Withered Chica
  13. Withered Foxy
  14. Withered Golden Freddy
  15. Withered Bonnie With face 🙂
  16. Shadow Freddy 
  17. Shadow Bonnie
  18. Toy Freddy Plush
  19. Toy Bonnie Plush
  20. Toy Chica Plush
  21. Toy Foxy Plush
  22. Cupcake
  23. Foxdee
  24. Foxdee Plush

Add-on by Dany Fox

Software used


Visual Studio Code

Minecraft Windows 10

Check out my other projects here!



the addon has different sounds, animations and behaviors for each animatronic

(UCN Voices Used)
(FNAaF AR Voices Used)

Changelog View more
  1. Remodeling of old models
  2. more animations
  3. more entities
  4. change of aspects
  5. showtime animatronics
  6. more sounds and voices
  7. animation test

a direct link was added to the addon

the twitter link was fixed

More information was added in the brief description and details were added in the publication


How to use

  1. Open the link, it will direct you to the "" website.
  2. Do not accept notifications or other ads that ask you, just reject them.
  3. Locate the Yellow button at the top right that counts from 5 to 1.
  4. Wait 5 seconds.
  5. Click on the yellow button.
  6. Close all the ads that appear next, wait a few moments and repeat this procedure 4 times, (it may take a few minutes).
  7. Click on the blue link at the end of the text to download the correct file


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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80 Responses

4.26 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. Galaxy funtime fox says:

    Spanish Tengo una pregunta en español. ¿Puedo tener el permiso para hacer un mapa con este mod ohh y Adam Taylor 08 está siendo acusado de usar tus modelos, así que puedes ayudarlo?

  2. Galaxy funtime fox says:

    I have a question Can I have the permission to make a map with this mod ohh and AdamTaylor08 is getting accused of using you models so can you help him out.

  3. Mr.Darth i says:

    Hello DanyFox, I love your mods. But I have a question: Can I have the autorisation to make a map with your animatronics mods and your FNaF texture pack please ? I will credit you.

  4. Guest-1759940221 says:

    I LOVE using this on my fnaf 2 map but the foxdee plush doesnt drop anything for me could you please repair it ? Is it beacuse im pocket edution

  5. ElithevergamerYT says:

    Can u find them in Survival Mode without going in creative mode

  6. Guest-1346636287 says:

    foxdee can kill withed foxy?

  7. Guest-6133924946 says:

    It’s so sad I really want to get this on my IPhone X but it keeps saying that it’s a invalid zip file thing how do you fix this

  8. Guest-6063929588 says:

    The recourse pack is broken i downloaded it but it doesn’t show that I have it

    I’m on xbox.

  9. Guest-6529314364 says:

    Can you help me it says cant reach this page

  10. Guest-4009198004 says:

    Can you help me it says cant reach this page

  11. Guest-6480345362 says:

    There is a problem with the down load I still have the recource pack but I can’t redownload cus I had exported my worlds so i can’t downloading :3 thanks!!!

  12. Guest-1502552494 says:

    hey please can you use a mediafire link instead cus’ almost anybody can use it

    It do look sick though can’t wait for me to use it

  13. VALVᴱ says:

    Bro. come on I really need this, the link doesn’t work
    its sad it doesn’t…

  14. TryHardJibs says:

    Wow, the Toy animatronics look so much better now! Can you please remaster and remodel the other animatronics from your other packs?

  15. Guest-7790094322 says:

    Fix the resource pack

    I bet he wont

  16. MADNESSman2411 says:

    yo it didn let me download the texturs

  17. Guest-2920813925 says:

    Por favor Dany Fox haslo también para modo supervivencia para que pongan emoción al juego 😀

  18. Guest-7301800442 says:

    Can u make it a 1.14 pls i played your fnaf 1 and 4 can you make five nights at sonic mania maniac pls So good addon

  19. Guest-7301800442 says:

    Can u make it a 1.14 pls i played your fnaf 1 and 4 can you make five nights at sonic mania maniac pls So good addon

  20. Guest-1396704660 says:

    It keeps saying it’s duplicate, I think it’s connected to FNAF 3 that’s why it’s not working, please fix is problem

  21. Guest-5123266938 says:

    hi dany! could you help me this? so everytime i opened the file it says “failed to upload, duplicate pack detected” so i tried re-downloading it again and it still says the same, so i tried to put the files in the com.mojang file thing. it appeared on the resource and behavior pack on my minecraft pe, but once i got into the world my minecraft keep crashing. this seems like a really cool mod that i wanted to try but please fix it! thanks!

  22. Guest-4340330893 says:

    make a camra addon

  23. Guest-2252005035 says:

    Its good but when they see you they won’t go away like i made an fnaf map when i close the door i thought the pathfinder will go off and they will go away but they camp

  24. User-4681014123 says:

    I have all the add ons the fnaf 1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 tjoc and five nights at candys!

  25. Joseph Bower says:

    Mack baldis baciks caricatures plz

  26. Spinel says:

    Hi, I love your addon but I can’t download it on IOS, would you know how I’d do that?? It requires a behaviour pack and a resource pack.

    • Explanation Bot says:

      Download an app called “Documents by Readdle”, import the pack, change the name from “PACKNAMEHERE.mcpack” to “”, tap it, then select, import (share) each folder to “On My Ipad/Iphone > Minecraft > Games > com.mojang > resource_packs/behavior_packs” then boom

  27. Luke Duncan says:

    Hi there, your mod is really good. The animatronics look fab!
    Could you please put in the resource and behaviour packs as I can’t add the new animatronics.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download any of your addons please make a direct link

  29. Mirage says:

    Can you make it where its kinda like your fnaf addon where there are observer and poster entity’s

  30. Tommy says:

    I can even download,not from direct or support,please fix this

  31. Anonymous says:

    Vi el anuncio ;D

  32. PAULO E A DE SOUZA says:

    hey pode fazer o mod dos twites

  33. Natha says:

    Cant you make a animatronic SL:sister location plssss😊😊

  34. Nugget Plays says:

    Okay thank you for adding my requests and fixing the link! Please do add un canon animatronics like Springbonnie and Fredbear. As well as a few items like a fire axe (if you want to be like purple guy) and a kitchen knife also a purple guy uniform but just re-texture the golden armor into that, add human looking npc’s so you can at least make it more suitable for the mod.. Then create a spring lock suit so you can look like your inside a animatronic. If you can actually do these requests then I would appreciate it!

  35. Lauramy2302 says:

    Do you think you can add working cameras and monitor ? It will be PERFECT for the add on !

  36. Kuba says:

    My minecraft says it is an “unproper zip file,and there is no id?” ,Is there a way to fix this?

  37. joHN says:

    Can you plz put this on mcpe addons?

  38. Anonymous says:

    I found out how to get xbox users to work. There’s two ways actually, use the link on your phone and just retype it on the Xbox search bar. Or when it says “press continue” change the www1 to www4. Your welcome

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can you please fix the link, this looks amazing but I can’t access it. Please respond if theres an alternative.

  40. THIS ADDON THO says:


  41. Nugget Plays says:

    There is a issue where you can not pass this website because it has been reported unsafe by most users,making it impossible for anyone to download. Im a Xbox User so I also ask if u can make a direct link to a media fire zip file, Because I don’t wan’t to run into this issue again… I’m only giving 1 star because the images look amazing! Still, please fix this issue and please add these requests!

  42. Nugget Plays says:

    The link you provided has been reported by multiple users as unsafe, so I suggest you change it. I tried copying the link from here (Because im a XBOX ONE user) and it still didn’t work. I would like it if you can add a media fire zip file link,but do make it a direct link, so xbox users have a safe installation for this Addon. The images look neat though, That is why I am leaving only 1 star… Please fix this issue!

  43. YouTuber says:

    These are really well done and I think you can do all if the characters eventually. But over all it’s really well done😄

  44. Jamie says:

    I love minecraft

  45. James says:

    It says the websites unsafe wont let me download

  46. Great job! I really like this. oooooh I can’t wait to have some fun with this!

  47. Kirito90000 says:

    I just spent 30 mins writing over 6 paragraphs about why you should add a multiplayer mode to your fnaf 2 map but forgot to answer the anti spam quiz and it got deleted :/
    so summary please add a multiplayer mode to your fnaf 2 map with a player as the guard and other players as the animatronics but still the same mechanics as the original map please and thank you

  48. Kevin says:

    Add the purple guy and childs deads

  49. Sam says:

    The link is not working sadly

  50. Lauramy2302 says:

    AMAZING ADD ON 💙💙💙💙 Just a question : will you do FNaF 3, FNaF 4 add on ?

  51. Y3llow says:

    Already my favorite fnaf addon! Luv u dany =D

  52. Илья Федукин says:

    Разработчик пожалуйста сделай вместе с ADAPTAYLOR08(разработчик аддона fnaf universe) совместный аддон на всю вселенную фнаф! (или просто помоги ему доделать текстуры и анимации для всех аниматроников из его аддона, и соедините его и вот этот – твой аддоны, думаю получится идеально)

  53. HaydenLavarias says:

    Nice addon pls make fnaf 4 aninatronics with 3d models

  54. AustinA says:

    you should do fnaf robots that move in the night and stop moving in the day that would be cool

  55. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:


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