Five Nights at Freddy’s (Beta Map)

Freddy and his friends wants to play with you!

come join them for Five nights and play together

It’s been a long time since Freddy sang to the world. Bonnie have a Ruff year since 1987. Chica has been getting fat download the map to get here running around so she can lose weight 

Freddy and his friends are waiting for you download the map and play with them.

Map base on the saga of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY´S of the creator SCOTT CAWTHON. This map replicates The Fnaf 1 game.

I use Danyfox’s addon because I couldn’t made this map if i never found his addon so. A huge shoutout for DanyFox for making this addon

Main Stage

Pirate cove 

Night guards Office 

Dining area 

Women’s bathroom 

Men’s bathroom 


Employees Only 

The Addon wil not work on the beta version of Minecraft I don’t know if it’s going to work on the older versions .

Map areas:

Animatronics :

🔘Freddy Fazzbear

🔘Bonnie the Bunny

🔘Chica the Chicken

🔘Foxy the pirate Fox

🔘Golden Freddy

🔘Shadow Freddy

🔘Glitch trap

🔘Foxdee the creator of the addon

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YouTube: Mr.CirstYT

Twitter : Mr.CristYT_

Next Update:

Adding iron trap doors on lights 
brand new parking lot 
open and close-able door
left door light 
right door light
sit-able Chair (only the office room)
A secret button that you will or will not found 

Dany’s aproval

Changelog View more


Please mcpedl i just want to upload my map i all ready have DanyFox’s approval to use his addon he said i will just put his addon on the download link as well just look on how many versions i had to fix please just accept my submission 

Got permission from dany fox to use his addon for the map

Changed the brief description and changed some other  parts as well.

DanyFox approve my request to use his addon on my map

Got permissions from DanyFox and FH_Miner to use There Addons on this map

Changed the description a little bit Changed the title a little bit (current name: Five nights at freddy’s(beta map) 

Nothing has changed just got permission from the addon creators 

Nothing has changed just got the permission form DanyFox to use his addon on my world 


On Android 

1. Download the .mcwolrd file

2. Open any file manager 

3. Find a file called download

4. Now find the .mcworld file

5. click or tap on it.... it will automatically open Minecraft wait until its done importing the world

On iOS

Recommended: .zip file

1. Download documents by raddle

2. Download the .zip file

3. Open the files app or documents by raddle

4. Click or tap on the zip file wait until it unzips 

5. then transfer the file to Minecraft if you don’t know how watch the video 


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Playz says:

    How do you get permission from Dany

  2. JackAttack5542 says:

    The map is stolen from Fed X Gaming

  3. JackAttack5542 says:

    The map is stolen without permission from Fed X Gaming

  4. Rokz15 says:

    Oops! Forgot My Rating!😊

  5. Guest-2513644538 says:

    This Map Is Just Perfect! Keep Up The Good Work!👍

  6. Guest-8967608794 says:

    Is this an horror suvival?? Because me and my sister will play on this

  7. Guest-9292340013 says:

    I am planning to make The Whole Fnaf Map 1 to 6

    I Am MrCristYT Im just not logged in to my account

  8. TryHardJibs says:

    Well, at least the zip file works… (:

  9. Guest-9616100905 says:

    oh but that’s not our only problem the map doesn’t work on neither versions cuz you cant download it

  10. TanLorikk says:

    Neither zip nor mcworld works, it may be incorrectly packed.

  11. Guest-3072864066 says:

    (first) why cant we play on beta?

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