Five Nights at Freddy’s [Adventure]

Five Nights at Freddy’s is in fact an indie game which was released back in August 2014. The game caught some traction and popularity and because of this (and the fact it’s a fun game) Kingbudderjr decided to create a map of it Minecraft PE.

In the map you play as a security guard who have to spend the night at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. In the pizza place there are malfunctional animals which you have to defend yourself against.

Currently the map is 100% finished and the only thing left to do is the texture pack which is about half done at its current state. In the future the creator also intends to create a mod for the map.

Creator: Kingbudderjr

fred1 fred2 fred3 fred4 download

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39 Responses

2.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. vinsensius says:

    404 ERROR

  2. Stephen Tingley says:

    I love dis game

  3. Kenzie Shea Westcott says:

    Pooo you

  4. Gamer Bell says:

    I am trying to download the game but it won’t let me

  5. Gamer Bell says:

    I’m trying to download but it won’t let me

  6. Jazzo says:

    I tried to download the mod and it open dropbox and says we dont have the file your looking for

  7. Favian says:

    I can’t download this map!!!

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Jadentdm1 says:

    I can’t download it can you make it a mediafire download

  10. Justin says:

    Do u can get me a link hoe I download without screaming a fnaf texture pack and without Dropbox for mcpe

  11. Allan says:

    I can’t download it can u make a Mcpe.world file instead plz it will help a lot

  12. Gogogamer says:

    please add .mcworld please

  13. Zylles says:

    This is cool

  14. Kelci says:

    I don’t have a way to make a mojang acc and I don’t have an android can someone plz help??

  15. Invader Cosmic says:

    I have an apple device and I can’t find any minecraft maps

  16. athan says:

    To download it to the game u need astro file manager

  17. Minecaft rose says:

    Can you please make a mod that I can go in with out loging in our a username

  18. One D00d says:

    Hey, can I download this on P.E? When I click the download button, it takes me to DropBox, and says “Safari cannot download this file”. I’m on a phone. Do I need a computer to do this?

  19. Braedan says:

    Minecraft is a fun game but would be better if in pe it was 1.17.5 I want a new upedate ok?

  20. How do I download please help

  21. iizEPIK123 says:

    When i download it it’s says it’s corrupted!! ANY HELP PLZ!!!

  22. joseph says:

    It looks good but please tell me how to put the map on the game it looks really cool

  23. Baconwarrior64 says:


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