Fletchercraft Nether Update!

Fletchercraft is a 16×16 resolution texture pack that adds more realism to Minecraft. The texture has a much softer design and the colors. The texture pack gives more realism in surviva

Fletchercraft ¡Nether Update!


  • new textures
  • compatibility with most of the new blocks.
  • better lighting adjustment. the white blocks.
  • a new interface.
  • skin change in mobs.
  • fixes in some blocks of the last version. Fletchercraft 1.8 for Bedrock Minecraft changelog: 
    • Better Clouds.
    • Treasure map. New textures in more than 80% of the blocks.
    • A more beautiful water.
    • Animation on the neather portal.
    • Improvement of some animals.
    • Support in the correction of changes of some blocks.
    • The arena is a little more realistic.
    Some reviews from a few years ago of this texture.
    Stay tuned for future updates.

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new textures, compatibility with most of the new blocks, better lighting adjustment. the white blocks, a new interface, skin change in mobs, fixes in some blocks of the last version. 

Thanks first of all for helping me get my job back and linking me to this account.

this texture takes time in the mcpe community and I appreciate your support to be able to upload upload the most recent texture update to MCPEDL.


Simply click on the .MCPACK File and it will Auto Install into your game then goto Resource Packs in the options menu and apply it to your game.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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36 Responses

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  1. Guest-9364517692 says:

    I like the fact that you stole from other texture packs, Good on you! Apparently drawing 16×16 pixels is too hard i guess..

  2. Guest-8342815969 says:

    Adfly LİNK

  3. Guest-1503299606 says:

    Lmao, imagine not using adfly because having a trauma with it

  4. Guest-1503299606 says:

    Lmfao, imagine not using adfly because having a trauma with it

  5. Guest-9752795685 says:


    Remove tags, copy, and paste.

  6. Guest-2773252988 says:

    some textures are copyied from texture pack called pixel reality
    (like cobblestone or oak planks)

  7. Guest-5836684890 says:

    hey after all ads, I just get redirected to a hentai website,

  8. Anonymous says:

    Super cool! I know it can be a pain going through loads of pages with ads, but that is the only way creators get paid guys! Please support them!!! Thanks so much!

  9. Guest-4249592676 says:

    Make link in linkvertise,please.

  10. Guest-9204639519 says:

    How to download:
    Click the link above, it’ll take you to fc lc, recaptcha, click the button saying click here to continue, you should only stay in the fc lc (close any other site), wait 10 sec then click the “get link” (if you can’t continue copy the “get link” address and it’ll take you to MediaFire)… Support the creator😊✌️

  11. Guest-3907359029 says:

    Bruh! Really

  12. Fak u says:

    MAKE IT MEDIAFIRE! Pwease =^.^=

  13. Tsutsupi says:

    Anyone who goth through to the end of the adfly, mind replying to me with a link?

  14. Anonymous says:

    How does this kind of thing works only a few things work u just gotta find the right one.

  15. Antigamer1010 says:

    This is looking good

  16. Jemima says:

    My other shaders kept lagging i hope this wouldn’t…😬

  17. Frem says:

    Can’t download it in UAE ,it was blocked

  18. LoganR11 says:

    What is with adfly? I JUST WANT MY TEXTURE PACK. I don’t have the time for viruses!

  19. J_Speed says:

    How do you get it from drop box to. Minecraft

  20. Fire_Storm says:

    I tapped download and it took me to the right website and stuff and it just said open in….?

  21. DudeAwesome says:

    Wouldn’t work with 0.15.0 ?

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