Floating Text (Addon)

“Floating text” It is a complement that helps us a lot to decorate or indicate specific things on our maps, since it is a floating text that looks very elegant to the view of the players. (Most map makers use floating text)


Twitter: @AndiuberOficial

YouTube: Andiuber

Team Cubitos MC

This plugin adds a new entity with the name of: “Floating text”. You can get it in creative mode in the inventory, in the creatures spawn eggs section, there you can find the floating text with a texture of the label.

Once obtained, it is enough to rename it on an anvil, for the text you want and that’s it. You can now put the floating text where you want.

You can also invoke it with the following command:

/ summon add: floating_text ~ ~ ~ add: floating_text “Custom text”

Some of the characteristics of floating text are:

-It is shock resistant

-It has no gravity

-It is invisible (Only the floating text will be seen)

-You can eliminate the floating text, having in your hand a barrier block (Right-clicking or pressing the: / kill button)

-You can also remove it with the following command:

/ kill @e [type = add: floating_text]

To be able to add more words or letters in the floating texts, you will have to modify it with external programs.


-Blocktopograph = For Android

Download Blocktopograph here

-UniversalMinecraftEditor = For Win10

Download here UniversalMinecraftEditor

(Below you can see the trailer and you can see how to increase more words with the

programs that mention “Tutorial starts at 6:05”)




How to install the plugin in our worlds?

• Download and install McAddon

• Activate the behavior and resource package that you installed, in your worldwide configuration and you're done.

Doubts and suggestions?

Visit our website!

(If you share this work, respect the original link of the website publication of: MC Cubitos. That would greatly help us to value our work and provide more information about the content and our team. Do not use direct links. "Thank you!"


Supported Minecraft versions


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20 Responses

3.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. DXTG Josh says:

    I experimented with it on the newer beta versions of Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.
    It seems as if the floating text entity can be pushed by players and water and can be moved by pistons.
    Idk whether if it is the game itself or the addon that makes it happen.
    UwU Good addon btw 😀

  2. Guest-3944143061 says:

    its really a helpful addon but i cant remove it i cant understand how u use the “/ kill @e [type = add: floating_text]” and i cant use the barrier it will only appear like a block (im on android and sorry for the bad english)

  3. Guest-1880038770 says:

    Does not work on Xbox

  4. Meloneni says:

    What about mobs? Is work?

  5. Guest-5145399642 says:

    Looks like now I can make my own game thanks I ill leave the credit in the description on yt if I upload the map 🙂 thanks for this addon

  6. Guest-8602311493 says:

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    Compared to the alternative, which is to take advantage of the ad-related revenue already attached to most types of content you might want to offer, and not have to worry nearly so much about driving your audience away with ad walls. That’s how you GROW an audience, and when your audience grows, so does your revenue.

    So you can take the short-term money from an ad wall, which is not going to be worth a whole lot, or you can develop an audience with respect for their time an their experience navigating to your content.

    It’s not much of a choice, really.

  7. Guest-9562562089 says:

    Adfly problem fls ad mediafire link

  8. Guest-1355113610 says:

    does it work on realms?

  9. Guest-2254900262 says:

    Download link does not work. Please fix.

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